17. Surprise

I am really surprised at myself. I adore this one top and wear it ALL the time. Because I love jewel tones and it has ruffles. But in this challenge I totally forgot about it that I even had it in the pile.

Since purple is and red are in the same family, I had thought of pairing them in my mind, but they work beautifully no? This was something totally out of my comfort zone but the red in the outfit also gave me a chance to use my new clutch!

It was casual thrusday at work (also my last day in the job, I start the new job on Monday, wohoo!). We had a double date planned after work. I ditched my everyday bag to this beautiful clutch for the evening. Its a great investment and only for $15. I love me a good deal! :)

What is your latest fashion deal that you are loving?


  1. Nav, I just love these pieces together! And they're gorgeous with your skin tone!

  2. I recently thrifted an Anne Klein skirt for $.75!  It is short, sexy, and most importantly, it fits.


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