2011 RECAP and (Happy New Year 2012)

I really liked getting dressed in 2011. I can't believe how horrible I dressed before, always in black pants. I am going to enjoy it even more in 2012! I started blogging in March 2011 and got to learn lots from other bloggers and there is SO MUCH inspiration out there. Bloggers ladies, you really rock! LOTS, is actually an understatement. I love to have this creative outlet - thank you to all my old and new readers for your support and comments! :)

Life was real good to me in 2011 and I cannot wait for the new year to come to bring its awesomeness in our lives! I gonna be a married woman in 2012, Hooray!!!! :)

Last, but not least, awesome Nitika at The Shopoholic Diaries decided to pass The Versatile Blogger award to me - thanks alot doll!! I still cant believe you met Sonam Kappor this year! (I am a little jelly!) :) and now I have to share some random facts!

7 random facts about moi:
  1. I love to watch romantic movies, I am the queen of sappy songs
  2. I love to read inspirational books
  3. I love to collect jewellery that are made in different countries
  4. I have overcome the fear of looking dark and not being pretty enough (Life is too short and I don't care anymore about how people perceive me based on my color), I have learned to accept and embrace my skin color
  5. I hate when good friends with-hold information or keep secrets - to me that is not a close friend. I know I am a little harsh but that is just how I connect with friends. For that reason only, I have let go of many but the ones I have - are my closest!
  6. I have a "travel fund" going ever since I started working 9 years ago in order to wanting to go travel around the world and not having the funds but now I want to spend it on our honeymoon and will be a  a gift to my jannu
  7. I hope to adopt a kid someday from any part of the world- someone who I can help through money, love and parenting
Hope your 2011 was aweomsest too and See you in 2012!

Gingham Goodness

Gingham: Old Navy ($8), Jeans: Thrifted ($4), Sweater: F21 ($7)

This sweater color is the perky green type, doesnt show well in pictures though. I love layering at this time of the season...esp with different colors. I decided to pair my green sweater (boxing day find for only $7!) with my Blue Gingham shirt that I absolutely love.

 Guys, it is 58 days till we tie the knot...wow IT is coming up so so so soon! I am looking forward to being with my honey, but I keep thinking how much I will miss living with my family - I mean I have lived with them for 25 years........
 Would you like to see a recap of favourite looks from 2011?

Back to Neutrals

Striped Tee: F21 ($7), Grey Skinnies: CostaBlanca ($6), Blazer: thrifted ($4), Scarf: F21 ($4)

Now that christmas festivities are over, I felt like being really low-maintenance and dressing in neautrals. As much as colors are wonderful to wear, there is something soothing about wearing just neutrals. This look is totally something easy to put together and head out the door in a rush. Boots, skinny pants and a blazer would do it for those work days. 

My friends engagement party is in 2 days, then it is the new years eve party, and then bridal shower is also coming up soon! I am loving all the wedding goodness!

Also, past due are some of the photos from the bachelorette (some people e-mailed me wanting to see photos - so here they are!) - Enjoy!

me with a dear friend of mine! :)

Getting pimped up!

In a fun-Limo ride with my girls!


What are you wearing for New Years Eve??

Family Christmas Dinner Outfit 2011

Dress: Suzy Sheir, Necklace: Ardene's, Cardi: Old Navy

This is what I wore to Christmas family get together at my Fiance parents place yesterday. I love the cut of this dress, the neckline design and it can totally be used as a cocktail dress on some other occassions, I am sure. I kept it simple with a black cardi and necklace. 

It was alot of family fun, it was good to sit with grandparents and listening to their stories, played cards with the cusions whom I get to see once a year, had holiday tea with the moms, and filled my tummy with some awesome turkey and stuffing yummies :)

I am so greatful for everyone being healthy and happy in my circle of family and friends. 2012 is a huge year for R and I and we can not wait for all the wedding festivities to begin...

I hope you had a best christmas this year and hope people are happy and healthy on your end too.

How Was Your Christmas?

Cognac and Navy Lace

Lace Top - H&M ($15), Belt: $3 (thrifted), Skirt H&M): $5

Navy blue and cognac is a wonderful combination together that I found about recently...yeah you can blame it to Pinterest. I do not have much lace in my closet but this top I picked up few months ago, knew could be versatile enough for work looks and also casual on the weekend. It is a litttle cropped for my liking but I supposse that's alright as I always wear a tank underneath everything or I can just tuck it in.

I am done with my christmas shopping and just got wrapping left (HURRAY! bec I totally started last minute). I did not do individual gifts this year, just did FAMILY gifts, I know not as exciting, but wanted to get something family-oriented that everyone could enjoy together, because that is the REAL meaning of christmas for me!

2 more sleeps till holidays begin! I hope you take some time off to spend with your loved ones - family and friends! Happy holidays to all my new and old readers!~you guys are truely the best!

FOR 2012: I got alot of cool posts lined up for the new year- makeup, everyday outfit posts, more tippy tuesdays episodes, how to create a functional closet, favourite books post, and many east-indian food receipes, and Ofcourse coverage of wedding in INDIA and a GIVEAWAY!. So I hope you will CLICK - FOLLOW on the right sidebar along as we go through the blogosphere next year together! :)

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Rainbows and Purple

Tank and Cardi: thrifted ($5 together), Skirt: H&M ($7), Tights: $3

I love this nailpant - combo of NYX purple and F21 bronze nail paints!

I love this rainbow shirt so much, I wear it whenever I need a "pick me up". I danced so much at the bachelorette party that my body is still sore...not bec I am not used to the dance...but bec I was in high heels all night (note to self to always pack flats), not a very samrt idea.

But I paired the pick me up shirt with a random cardigan and a pencil skirt :) This is pracitally effortless styling, what do you say?

I am starting my xmas shopping now, there is not much I am doing this year. I don't know why but I find myself questioning the consumerism of gifts for others.

Have you finished and got gifts wrapped up under the tree?

Bright Mondays Part 5 (Plaid and Mustard) + Bachelorette Party Outfit

Jeans and Belt: Thrifted ($8), Shirt: H&M ($9), Shoes: Steve Madden, Scarf: Suzy Shier ($3)

I wore this outfit for last friday as a comfy, casual outfit to the office. I bought this scarf exactly a year ago and havent gotten much use out of it. I plan on using it more so hopefully you won't get sick of seeing the same thing. I loved that white belt stood out so much in the outfit. I knew I wanted to pair plaid in this outfit as this shirt hold the same story as my scarf - bought but not worn much. I have this shirt and a plaid jacket which I wear alot..


My bachelorette Party outfit:

I looked quite different that what I usually look like. I wore makeup and glasses were off, curled my hair and they surprisingly stayed that way all night. I love this sequin dress and paired it with marroon shoes, marroon clutch and maroon lipstick (thank B for letting me borrow). I thought all the marroon would be too macthy matchy but turned out not too shabby. We had dinner with close girlfriends, opened gifts, went to a bar, played some adult games (not my cup of tea but tried it anyway, turned out to be fun than I thought) had a time of my life in a fancy limo ride which had music pumping ....which took us to the dance lounge and we danced the night away...........

I am so blessed my sis in law to be and my few best friends created the best night for me...a night to remember for ALL my life :)

How was your weekend??

This was my weekend, Sunday was a day to catch up on sleep, laundry, etc.

Did you hear? Glitter is in the air!

Cardigan: Old Navy ($4), Pants: GAP, Shirt and belt: Thrifted ($1 each)

I love to wear this cardigan, as it has sequins/glitter lining on it - when I saw it on the clearance rack, I thought how unique and then I saw the price tag of $4, I knew this baby is going home with me. The moment I wear it, I feel like I am ready to go to a party. I wore this to work yesterday and then to my sister's birthday surprise party after work.

One day more to go till the bachelorette party! I am so excited! All my gf's are excited too, time to dress up, put some lipstick on, let our hair down and head to the town!

Question for you guys: For the party, if I am wearing a black glam dress, should I wear a red shoe with it or go for a basic black pump?

'its the Season!

Sweater: Thrifted, Pants: GAP, Jewellery: URBAN

It is that time of the year where if you work at an office and you get invited for christmas dinners and lunches scheduled individually at every floor, its pretty normal. Wouldnt you agree office ladies? Lets just say I am trying to be a good employee and showing up at every party. It has many advantages afterall...bec well they all will have good food, happy conversations, christmas music in the background, and heck if nothing else I will get to dress up!! :)

Next week I am hosting a Samosa and Chai Party at work (I am east-Indian and love all the food goodness associated with it) and we love our samosas! Do you love them too? and it is my boss birthday that day so, I get extra 5 points for that. =)

This weekend is also something special - my bachelorette party and I finally found the perfect dress for it! It involves some sequins....they are EVERYWHERE this season, so why should I miss out? It will make a good EBEW too!

Are you loving sequins this holiday season?

Baby Pink

Seriously someone wisely said that a LBD is a must piece in the closet. Today we had secret santa at work and we were told to dress decent. I did not put an outfit together beforehand and so this is what I came up with in the morning. I love my darling baby pink cardigan....threw it over with my black dress, a necklace and a skinny belt that sinched everything. I am not gonna lie, I took inspiration from one of my past looks from Summer,( this look worn this summer.) So far, I have worn this LBD 4 times this year, not bad I say, given how much I have :P

Thank you to all of you hanging around my bloggy even though I was away sick. I missed you guys! I am 100% great now, thanks for your well wishes. How have you been?

Do you get a lot of use out of your LBD all year around?

“For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.” - Unknown (Cognac)

I know I havent popped in here in a while (by that I mean 2 days!) but here is my Cognac post (part of the neutrals challenge).

Dear readers, you guys are so wonderful. Thank you for your well wishes on my last post and please know it is ALL because of your well wishes, that - I am 90% better! :) I am not gonna lie, I havent nad much energy to take any outfit photos. I wore the above in fall 2011 in October I think but I never got around to posting until now...

On a totally random note, I want to share something. I love Christmas season. Do you? Before I met Ryan  (and bec my family doesnt celebrate xmas, it was the most boring-est day of my life. Bec malls, theatres, resturants...everything was closed that day....no way to entertain yourself). But now, I love it, I love to see his family, cusions, grandparents and just have fun, exchange presents, yummy food.....and the list goes on. I am greatful for all of this goodness.

Are you enjoying Christmas Season this year?