Inspiration Outfit: Blue Florals

This floral skirt is thrifted and I missed it during the challenge so this was the first thing I wanted to wear. Finally, we saw some sunshine in E-town and it was summery and beautiful out.

I am so happy with myself how I did with the challenge....I was having so much fun remixing that before I knew it got over!(All 30 outfits here) Something I kept telling myself is Nav, you need more shoes. I mean heels. I am blessed with height so i don't wear much heels but I understand that having heels make/break an outfit. So Shoe HUNT for some comfy heels is on!

Do you guys enjoy insipartion outfit photos? I want to know your thoughts!


  1. i need more heels too! love your look, the skirt is really cute!

  2. the liberty belleJuly 18, 2011 at 10:46 PM

    really like this look! it is really simple, but is very classy! i love the skirt-thrifting is the best! also, i really like that you have the inspiration next to your outfit-how cool! :)

  3. monica and whitneyJuly 19, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    I am so in love with that necklace!
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  4. You look gorgeous, Nav!  Where'd you get the blouse?

  5. Hi Kish, its from H&M. I got it in March in the sale section. Its tunic length. =]

  6. This looks adorable! If you're a big fan of thrifting, I host a thrifting photo link up on my blog every Thursday!

  7. Thank you for your comment. I WILL try to link up!!


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