29. Company BBQ

Since my new office culture is little bit casual, I try to dress more laid back now. Mind you, I love dressing up but I miss being casual just as much. We had our company BBQ today and we had FREE burgers and hotdogs!

Yuumm right, I know! I was ready to pass off, bec I ate TOO MUCH.

Ever have one of those days/weeks/years where you feel all WARM AND FUZZY bec of the amazing things in your life, I am having one of those days:

1. I love this necklace, my senior neighbour gave it to me last winter bec I shoveled her snowy sidewalk one day. Grandma's type ladies are so adorable!

2. I reached 70 followers today, like really? All of you like me and what I do on this silly blog. I am kidding, welcome on board and I hope you enjoy your stay. I am so greatful for all of you taking the time to come by and share your warm fuzzy thoughts.

3. Grateful (like GRATING CHEESE type of grate) - Ok, GREATFUL to have found this stinkin' cute purse at a thrift store, like how can someone not want this baby?

4. Blowing a kiss out to the world to have the universe send some warm fuzzy energy your way. We all could use more love, eh? (Can you tell I am Canadian?!)

P.S. # 29 Outfit rocks, no? You tell me.


  1. Cute cardigan, and I love your sandals!

  2. sartorialsidelinesJuly 14, 2011 at 8:53 AM

    I just love the cargoes paired with that adorable cardigan - such a great pairing!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. it does rock! i love the necklace, the cardi and the ring. and of course that purse is amazing!

  4. Lovely cardigan! Again, it really suits you, that colour! 
    The zip earrings were from Claire's accessories not handmade sadly, though I imagine they would be really easy to make!

  5. Love it all head to toe! You look great. congrats on almost being done with the 30!


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