Wedding festivities begin...4 more days to go!!!!

Want to know what I have been upto for the last 2 weeks - a hybrid wedding in INDIA........that's what. I have been having the time of my life.... My sis in law actually is writing a blog about it....check out the blog here: to get regular updates.....

Now that my hubby-to be has showed up here in India, I think I have fallen in love with him all over again (|we have been together for more than 6 yrs but then again who is counting!)

I think being a bride in india is the best blessing I have ever received in my life. 7 day bridal pampering package combined with pampering and excitement from the family...I just love it all!!!

My sis in law has learning the basics of language and has fast become the favourite of my dear grandma, who I am so lucky to have her blessed hands on us during the wedding festvities!

Megan and I ditched the modern day taxi for many rides in auto-rickshaw...they take u around the city for under $5 anywhere and plus you get a beautiful view through it.

I had a head message with a head spa, and a body freaking relaxing...I love INDIA. haha

I cant wait to get married...4 more days to go!!! :)

xoxo Nav from INDIA

Outfits Flashback: Dec 2011

I was just looking back at my old outfits to find insipiration and I noticed I did not do Dec 2011 outfits flashback. So here it is, 12 looks - a mix of office and casual looks from the weekend!

As I am packing for our trip to India (for our wedding), I am looking to pack efficiently. I am thinking of doing it Remixing while on the trip. The trip is 5 weeks long and I am thinking of taking 40 items (clothes, shoes, and all my accessories) and just remix them to make 40 outfits while on the trip.

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Workwear Outfit under $50!

Blazer: H&M ($25), Coral Shirt: F21 ($10), leaf necklac: F21 ($5), Grey Skinnies: Costa Blanca ($8)

Sorry guys I havent updated it here but I am in India preparing for my wedding. I have had limited access to internet, thats why there hasnt been any communication. Thanks for sticking by!

I will be posting pics from here in a few days!


Soft and Silky

Blouse: Suzy Shier ($5), Pants: Thrifted ($10), Bracelet: Costablanca (old - $5)

Outfit Flashback: Jan 2012

Starting off the year right? Perhaps, you can be the judge.This is what i wore in Jan. I think its a good round-up. I got monochromatic looks, work looks, sweaters, pencil skirts, dress layered over a tunic. and that is ALL hard work. I kid. dressing cute is no hard work :)

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