Christmas Shirt

Blouse - fairweather
Pants: GAP
Belt: Urban Planet
Shoes: Payless
Jacket - Urban

This shirt always reminds me of Christmas because I got it 4 years ago to wear it for Christmas get-together at Ryan's parents. I guess ruffles were a BIG detail back then too! and I love plaid (the country music lover that I am) and its tunic size! so it can worn in bazillion ways. Don't you just love classic pieces like that - that you can dress over and over again.

I promised you to show you my engagement dress sneek-peek few posts ago. Although, the dress has gone to get dry cleaning so I can't take a pic of it, but I did find something on here it the colors in the picture below matches the color scheme of the dress (punjabi choodi-daar suit)

Anywhoo Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! :)

Can't Get Enough of Blue

I thrifted this skirt few weeks ago and it was size 16! But I loved the print and if there is anything I have learned about thrifting is that - Size doesn't matter. I spend $5 more bucks to make it size 4 and it is BEAUTIFUL. Printed skirts go with any color and can be worn for work or casual on the weekends!

Also, I might have found the perfect pair of Nude wedges out there, also. So comfortable!

Blouse: Reitmans
Cardigan: H&M
Nude Shoes: Naturalizer
Skirt - Thrifted
Watch: AVON

Blus really IS my fav color! I cant get enough of this color! I keep buying many clothes in blue, I need to stop but don't quite know how! :P

Do you tend to stock up clothing in your favourite colors quite often? How do you limit yourself not to buy too much of one color? 

Monday's Outfit

Simple accessories - everything else was packed away in many boxes.

Did you miss outfit posts?!? Well here we are..slowly slowly getting back on track! Well, I am just at a friends house visiting and she has INTERNET. Such divine thing, I MISSED for past few days! So guess what I am doing while she takes shower - BLOG!

Since my family moved:

from Old house....

To the NEW HOUSE! -

On monday, tired and short on sleep, I had to get dressed out of a BOX. I couldn't find my jewellery, undergraments, and was in a rush so I just put on the first thing I saw and this is what I wore on Monday this week.

Shirt: Smart Set $15
Skirt: H &M - $10 - SCORE!
Ring: Gift
Bracelet: Gift

I am in LOVE with this unique H&M Skirt. Don't you love the pattern?! I have SO many black skirts but I figured this one has quite a unique pattern and would definitely add a pinch of spice to any outfit.

Hope you enjoyed the outfit, I wanted to say thank you to all of YOU, my wonderful readers! Love ya' all! :) Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Award post ...Continued

Remember this post? When I got my first award and I didn't do the responses...Well since I am on my coffee break at work, I am doing them now. Better late than never, right? Right. Thanks again to Soapsuds and Doodles again for giving me the award - she's so sweet and has adorable style!!

So here we go:

Cat or Dog?I like cat/dogs both but from FAR FAR AWAY. I got bitten by a dog when I was 9 years old and since then I am wee bit scared of any pets. Mind you, I have gotten close to dogs after a tiny Pomeranian but If I see any big dog within 5 metres radius near me, I am running and then they run after me - fun for them, not for me. I like to look at their cute cute pictures though!

True Love or the Ability to Live Forever?
Definitely true love.  I am handle not living forever. Although on my mom side, all the grandparents have lived past 100 years old, so I am hoping to go that much ATLEAST! I think its the spices in our food, that make the difference...  I wanna grow old with Ryan and hold hands like cute old couples do.

Being Blind or Deaf?
Uh....I am skipping this one. I like all my senses. Thank you very much =]

No TV or no Computer?
This is an easy question bec I havent watched TV in sooo long. I watch everything on my laptop and I would rather save money on not buying TV and cable and saving that money to go on a vacation somwhere nice. (Man! I am craving a summer vacation and since we have been searching cool places to go to for our honeymoon for next year, I keep craving a vacation more and more....)

2 Hours of Sleep or 48 Hours of Sleep?
48 Hours PLEASE! I can not do 2 hours! Even though I am young and stuff, I need my 8 hours.. Guys, If I dont sleep for 8 HOURS, I will sneeze all day. Its a hereditary thing.  I would rather have my back sore and have time to sleep for 48 hours.

No Makeup or No Breakfast?

No makeup....Ever since I have learned Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day, I dare not skip it. Plus if my tummy is full, my brain works and I get things accomplished at work. Being made up (perfect makeup and hair) doesn't make me productive.

Cold Shower or no Shower?
Okay, as a little kid I DID NOT like to take shower and my mom used to get me to wear swimming glasses in the shower so water wouldnt get into my eyes. Then came the era of teenage years where showering everyday was a MUST. Now, I think I would take cold shower over no shower. (EXCEPT in winter -40 degrees weather, I will stick no shower! - stinky right? but cold shower would be like asking for punishment)

To Blog…or not to Blog?
Def TO BLOG - all the way baby! Like I have no internet at home and so I use my coffee break to blog. I love it. I could be outside strolling in the beautiful sunshine...but keeping up to date on my blog is also important to me. Its all about priorities.

And now time to pass on some LOVE. As always, awards are made to be passed on, so I'm passing them on to girls who blog "cubicle fashion" and I LOVE them!!
26 and counting
Pink Chai
Hello, MonkeyFace
Cubicle Chic

Few Updates You Don't Wanna Miss...

Hi Guys, havent posted in a few days. It feels so weird to not be active on the blog. There is a reason. I have moved to our new house! (WOHOO!!) except there is no internet for the next week. I am posting from work right now (don't judge - I am on my coffee break). So I had so many posts lined up (Weekend in pictures, new house before and after photos, outfit posts etc.) and now we would have to wait till internet is up again. AND Thats when the excitement begins!

I will leave you with one of my latest pictures with two of my bridesmaids and it is on the new house's deck.

I am also preparing full-on for an enagement party coming up and booking, Dj, Catering, hair and makeup and OH I picked the dress I will be wearing, I will try to post a sneek peek tomorrow. Thanks guys for stopping by and I will see ya in a few! =]

Possible Remixing Addiction

Purple is one of my fav colors and pairing it with a tan belt did WONDERS for me! :)

Sweater: Fairweather
Belt: Thrifted
Pants: Smart Set
Blouse: Smart Set
Watch: Gift

Is it possible to have remixing addiction?? I think I have that addiction. Should I pick out 30 more items and remix for 30 more days??? I am tempted to. For 2 reasons: My photographer was serious and took photos of me religiously during 30X30,  and now since its over, he has abondoned me. and second - My co-workers mentioned today why don't you remix again!?

I loved to get so many uses out of one piece of clothing - I felt so good using the same items OVER and over AGAIN to come up with DIFFERENT outfits. Did you ever get that feeling during the challenge??

Would YOU like to see more of 30X30? Let me know below!

NEW Haircut and Keys to the NEW house

Wow, I feel like I havent posted an outfit post IN A WHILE. which is 4 days to be accurate. Bloggy world has been quite lately - no? This is what I wore to work today! Had few client meetings and rest of the day comfortably sat in my chair and worked.....

First time pairing navy with brown, usually I go with white with brown or pink with brown. This outfit was not planned and so I think it is a good job done. I didnt think these 2 would gel well. But they are like best buddies now - brown and navy are buddies now!!

Beautiful lace on the back of the shirt

and some detailing on the front and necklace

Tonight was productive, right after work, I had contacts appointment. I have decided to not go for laser surgery yet. THEN spontaneously I got hair trimmed, colored and styled and this is NEW ME!

Its nothing drastic, but I am trying to grow my hair and didnt go for a trim for like 4 months! But then today I spontaneosly wanted to go get a trim. So now my grey hair are covered in balck dye  and ends trimmed (From now on, I am not  damaging my hair anymore - no heat, regular trims and etc.)

AND ALSO we got keys to our NEW HOUSE today. I feel rich for some reason ! I will have a bigger bedroom now and HAVE A bed and a dresser! and I am very greatful for it.

AND THEN its time to go to bed now and I am blogging........such as a life of a blogger! Its a good life, I am not complainig :)

Top 10 Summer Trends and peek into Fall

A dear friend asked me a while ago to do a post on some summer trends that I am loving this season. It was tough to narrow it down to 10 FAV trends! But here they are. Hope you all enjoy this post! I will be back to do more outfit posts after this one.

1. Neons and Coral

2. Big Print - Stripes

3. Tribal Print

4. 70's flared bottoms

5. Sequins are big too and can dress any outfit in a instant!

6. Wedges - one of the most comfy types of shoes ever!

7. Lace Trend and Crochet
8. A-line skirts/dresses

9. Florals are so feminine. I own unlimiled floral in my closet!

10. Maxi Dresses/Skirts for Maximum Comfort!

Photos credits:,
or my blog

Added bonus: What is coming for fall? Here is a peek..............

What trend are you looking forward to in the fall 2011? I would love me some orange pls! :)

Inspiration Outfit: Blue Florals

This floral skirt is thrifted and I missed it during the challenge so this was the first thing I wanted to wear. Finally, we saw some sunshine in E-town and it was summery and beautiful out.

I am so happy with myself how I did with the challenge....I was having so much fun remixing that before I knew it got over!(All 30 outfits here) Something I kept telling myself is Nav, you need more shoes. I mean heels. I am blessed with height so i don't wear much heels but I understand that having heels make/break an outfit. So Shoe HUNT for some comfy heels is on!

Do you guys enjoy insipartion outfit photos? I want to know your thoughts!