20. Sunset

Have you ever spend $400 on yourself? If you haven't, would you spend $400 on yourself - for your own happiness!?

Some days I just wonder when it comes to myself, I would try to save money here and there and I don't usually think about treating myself or something. If I end up paying for a manicure for going out with friends, I would secretely think about it  for days - that why did I spend so much money on my nails? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?? 

Oh yeah - Outift......I like it, its feminine. We went out yesterday to R. parents 30th weddiing anniversary BBQ and this is what I wore. It was a beautiful day out so I took full advantage and then took pics while the sun was setting in my bestie's palace :) Isnt lighting jsut the msot amazing one when the sun is setting :)

What time of the day is your favourite to take pictures outside?

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  1. i love your dress and cardigan!!! mind checking out my blog and following me back?



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