Red and White Sequins

Top: Old Navy ($5), Cardigan: Old Naby ($3), Wedges - Wal-Mart ($13), Jeans - thrifted ($6), Watch: Fossil (gift)

I had a great weekend, did you? The weather was beautiful :) My husband went to hang out with his friends and so I took the time to spend some quality time with my brother. Now that I am married and moved out of my house- I really miss him. We went clothes, grocery and nail paint shopping. He enjoyed it, although I enjoyed it way more! :)

Later, I got the news that one of my besy friends is moving back home as she left our city 6 months ago to live somewhere else, things didnt work out as they envisioned, it's such a great news! I am so happy! :)

Got to also catch up with another best friend of mine :) We planned our outfits for our wedding reception coming up in less that 4 weeks, and another friend of ours is getting married also.

Hope your weekend was great! Happy Monday! (I have a day off horray!)

High Waisted Pants (& Coral Lace)

Cardigan: Wal-Mart ($10), Pants: Suzy Sheir ($15), Flats: Ardene's ($10), Watch: Fossil (gift), bangles: F21 ($3)

I got my first pair of high waisted pants and I must say, they can be casual and could be dressed for work with some heels. More than anything, I just needed a bottom in this tan color :) and so for $25 on sale - I just had to have them.

Stripes and Orange Mix

Camel Blazer: H&M ($20), Pants: GAP sale ($20), striped chiffon skirt: $10, Necklace: F21 ($4), Watch: Fossil (gift)

Pink Hues (& a funny-story)

Jeans: Thrifted ($5), Blazer: Thrifted ($3), Tank: F21 ($6), Heels: Payless (bought 3 summers ago - $20)), Watch: Fossil (gift), Eaarings: F21 ($3)

Few days ago, Ryan and I officially got married (in our province) - April 20th - which is also the national stoner day - - haha I thought that was hillarious! no wonder when we went to celebrate afterwards at DQ - Dairy Queen to get the Banana Split..I kept smelling something funny. LOL

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

Dress: H&M ($25), Earrings: Ardene's ($2.50), Belt: F21 (old-$6)

I have been looking for a cobalt blue dress for a LONG time and I finally found it!!! :) Isn't it pretty? It is so simple, I didnt wanna add anything to it really,and my sweet hubby said that above quotation about simplicity and I think he was right. I love it when he gives me fashion advice, gotta take his advice sometimes! :P

Spring Vibe

Top: F21 ($15), Cardigan: Thrifted ($4), Belt: borrowed, Pants: GAP sale ($20), pearls: f21 ($2.50)

Dressy vs. Casual

I have worn this look before but casually. I love the colors so much that  I decided to add black to it for work look. I quite like how it turned out and received couple of compliments at work!

What do you think?

Casual Friday (& Need to slow down on SHOPPING)

Coral Jacket: H&M (thrifted - $7), Top: Thrifted ($3), Jeans: Garage ($10), Chain Necklace: Ardene's ($3), Watch: Fossil (gift)

This is my last week casual work outfit for Friday. I love to wear this H&M jacket for pop of color against the neutrals! God, I have been SHOPPING so much lately, its B.A.D. and I must stop.

Are you shopping alot too now that it is spring?

Gosh, pls say yes (just to make me feel better!) Maybe I need a 30X30 remix!

Neon Coral and Navy Lace (& Habit Change)

Jeans: Thrifted ($7), Scarf: Garage ($5), Belt: Thrifted ($1), Shirt: Dynamite ($5)

As many of you might know by now that me and my husband got married a month ago. I have always envisioned us doing things together when we willl get married and start living together (as we have dated 7 years - I have ALOT of time dreaming about what things we would do together, where we would go for vacations, values we will create for our lifestyle etc.) and now I am in it - living the dream. :D

Have you heard of TED videos? It is just as addicting as Pinterest. Anywho, I watched a video there about HABIT CHANGE and they claim that it takes 30 days to change or create a new habit...


We both are young and have bad gums - we decided to create a new habit. We decided to brush 2 times a day and floss and gargle with mouthwash afterwards EVERY.DAY. (no excuses). I know I know.....isnt that a normal thing to do? Kudos to you if you do it. Well I confess that I always wanted to make this a priority but never did it.. But now we DO.IT.TOGETHER. it makes it easy and harder to just brush it off!

We have done it for 10 days already and SEEMS easier and easier everyday.

Is that any habit you have been wanting to change? Would you do it for 30 days?

Inspired by Easter (with Wedding Bangles)

Dress: Wedding gift (by in-laws), Wedding bangels: wedding gift (my family), black flats: Payless ($10), Earrings: Gift

This is one of the east-indian dresses I received from my in-laws during our wedding as a wedding gift. What better time to wear this during easter since it has pretty pastels in it. and wedding bangles are just a bonus!

Hope you enjoyed this long weeknd and had a relaxing time! :)

Spring Preview - Neon, Mint and Pleats

Mint top: H&M ($20), Cardigan -Rickis ($15), Coat: Urban Outfitters ($150), Bag: F21 -old ($10), Jeans: $7 (thrifted), Shoes: Steve Madden ($50), Necklace: F21 ($5)