Winter Greens

Dress: Old Navy ($10), Earrings: Forever 21 ($5), Watch: Fossil (gift), Bracelet: People's Jewellers (gift), Tights: F21 ($6), Flats: Payless ($20)

I bought this dress in New York and I absolutely love this color this winter. It is a gorgeous emerald green; as it is one of the spring shades in season this year. I wore this to a recent Jewellery party I went to and someone pointed out that Kate Middleton also wore this dress a while back....I felt like this dress was now a GREAT STEAL. 


Shirt: Walmart ($5 - old), Skirt: JC Penney (NY trip shopping -$10), Fleece lined tights: Century 21 ($5), Heels: Aerosoles ($50), Watch: Fossil (gift), Earrings: Ardene ($5)

Now that I am settled back from our trip, I finally put all my clothes away in my closet. One of the items I bought was this diamond skirt. I have so many black and patterned skirts but this one is special because it is bought in NY for $10 only! It fits right, the material is good quality and it goes with every color of the rainbow. Just cant complain.

What I wore in New York City: Day 4 & 5

 New York City was so much fun! Ryan and I loved the hussle bustle in the city, fashionable crowd and we almost visited all the places on the list. Above is a picture of me at the Grand Central Station.

What I wore: Pants: GAP ($20), Boots: Steve Madden, Grey sweater: F 21 ($5), White Tee ($3): Urban planet, Scarf: gift from India, Bag: H&M ($15), Watch: Fossil (gift)

Below is my New Years eve outfit, I was dressed in comfy layers. you cant tell but I am wearing my thermal tshirt under my great sweater. I wore skirt with fleece lined tights (that I also picked up in New York - they are a STAPLE for our cold canadian winters here)

Thermal Undershirt: Suzy Shier ($10), Sweater: F21 ($12), Scarf: Christmas gift by my sis in law, Tights: Century 21, Boots: Payless, Skirt: F21 ($15), Eaarings: Old Navy ($3)

We had a BLAST being in TIMES SQUARE for the biggest New Years party in the world! No words can explain how it felt being there, we went soooooooooo many people around the world, went crazy doing gangam style, amazing energy out there. 5 proposals happened right in front of our eyes. it was just so beautiful! 

We left New York City on Jan 2nd, 2012 and 10 days in New York makes me want to move there forever! I had the best time with my hubby, it was our christmas gift to each other! :)

Hope you enjoyed the outfits! Thanks for coming by!

What I wore in New York: Day 2 and 3

Day 2: Weather in New York had warmed up so much that I decided to wear 1 skirt that I took with me. We went walking on the Brooklyn bridge that day and rest of the day was spent shopping. 

Top: Old Navy: $4 (clearance), Skirt: $12 (Forever 21), Jeggings: Urban Planet ($5), Boots: Steve Madden (purchased from their website), Watch: Fossil (gift), Necklace: Simons (Christmas gift), Eaarings: F21 ($3)

Day 3: After I spent half day yesterday walking around in my boots, I decided to wear my black flats the next day. Flats are a wee bit comfy than boots. That was my thing about New York, we walked everywhere. We were on feet 8-10 hours, so having comfy shoes is a MUST if you have are planning to visit NY city in any season. FYI: Pack colored flats if you got some.

Striped Shirt: Old Navy ($8), Sweater: Old Navy ($5), Jeans: Urban Planet ($10), Flats: Payless ($20), Watch: Fossil (gift), Eaarings: Vancouver market ($3), Covergirl Teal Mascara (Walmart - $2)

We spent day 3 visiting the Rockefellar Centre and walking around the Financial District (Wall Street). 

See you next time! :)

What I wore in New York City: Day One

Sweater: Old Navy ($4), Necklace: Gift (from H&M), Watch: Fossil (gift), Jeans: GAP (thrifted - $6), Boots: Steve Madden

My husband and I are home from a 10-day visit to New York. We went to celebrate New Years, it was one of the things on both of our bucket list and we wanted to take this trip before we have kids.

We had a blast! The New York City is so lively, the city never sleeps! We did sightseeing, shopping, met people all around the world, took subways and got lost so many times, went to a cathedral, saw NY amazing skyline, walked the brooklyn bridge, amazing block party in Times Square on New Years eve. etc. etc.
 I only took 3 shirts, 2 blouses, 1 skirt, 1 boots and 1 flats. So remixing was a must on this trip! I will post one outfit each day and then a roundup!