16. Bend it Like Beckam

I cant believe I am at #16 already, I have almost been blogging everyday and loving every minute of it. You know what I was thinking, taking my whole closet and remixing and not going shopping for 6 months. Sounds a bit extreme, but bec I am enjoying 30X30 this time around, maybe I will just extend it. Am I sounding dramatic??

My lovely ring.

Polka dots under a colored shirt worked pretty good, with army pants it gives me a boho feel I dont know, but it does.

Does it look like I am about to burst into a Bollywood Dance? Its because I was.

You know my last trip to V.V., I picked up some cute goodies: A pink fitted blazer, my FIRST tube top (It should be interesting to see if it will stay on bec my mangoes ain't big! - has anyone watched "Bend It like Beckam" I love that movie!) and a cute blue striped shirt.

These are NOT part of the challenge, so I didnt actually cheat.


  1. I'm thinking about not getting everything back out when the challenge is over. Maybe choose a set amount of items and extend my shopping ban or put myself on a very strict shopping budget. Not sure.

  2. Congrats on being over halfway done with the challenge!  Love the pink and army green together.

  3. This is such a cute and  casual look.  I really like the layered tops...I need to try that print/color combo!

  4. I have a longer sleeved top just like your pink one in navy, I've never thought to wear anything under it! Such a great idea, because I hate wearing something over it and covering the shoulders.

  5. I did that last year.  Except wore a different outfit everyday.  The whole thing lasted six months and I truly had a new appreciation for what I own (and it appears, I have to many clothes).  It forced me to wear things I haven't looked at and discover things I had forgotten. Nothing like shopping in your own closet. :) (Plus it's free!)

  6. You're doing a good job with the 30 for 30! I love the way you layered the polka dots under the pink top. And the army pants are super cute!



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