Bright Mondays - Part 4!

I dont know who made the rule of not wearing black and brown together because I sometimes like to mix my neutrals. Well I jsut broke that rule, hopefully it wont break anyone's heart. I love that blue just pops.

And I braid my hair on mondays -EZ! PZ!

Pants: BR outlet ($20), Top: thrifted ($5), Cardigan: Dynamite ($10), Ring: F21 ($5), Earrings: $3

Its been a while since I have posted a "Bright Monday" outfit and since I wore a bright cardigan today and all the smiles that my outfit attracted today reminded me of the feature I do! - Bright Mondays!

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Dressing down a pencil skirt

Sweater: Forever 21 ($6), Pencil Skirt: Le Chateau ($20), Boots: The BAY ($30), Tights: F21 ($5), Necklace: Ardene's ($4), Charms Necklace: From Hawaii (gift)

This is what I wore to office for a casual Friday wear. I absolutely love the color of this skirt and last time I wore it with a white blouse tucked in with a skinny belt. But this time around, I wanted to wear it with more of a casual outfit.

Now, I can get more uses out of my pencil skirts! Hope you enjoyed both dressed up and dressed down look below!

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Layered Up!

My bloggy friend over at Freckles in April is hosting a winter challenge which I am happily participated in. Our first clue was layering...and I chose to layer a summer dress over a collared tunic to be safe for a work look.

It is a bliss having to have figured out a way to reuse my summer dresses, like last year when I was not blogging, I was buying winter dresses instead. Nothing wrong with that, but I would rather save $$ and re-use items!

Dress: Wal-Mart ($15), Tunic: H&M ($5), Tights: F21($3), Steve Madden Pumps via Winners ($35), Skinny belt: Thrifted ($2)

Hope you had a fantastic Monday, please come back tomorrow to see the next look!

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Bridal Shower (in Photos)

Last weekend, it was my bridal shower. I have never been to one, so I youtubed it for an idea and thats all I could expect. My mom-in-law to be decorated the whole place with green and white looked so pretty, we also had yummy food and drinks and surrounded amongst family and friends is all I could ask for. I dont know exactly but I probably had million gifts to open (not complaining! hehe). My mom really enjoyed the party and I am so greatful that R's mom was willing to do ALL the work.
I got alot of kitchen stuff that I cant wait to move out and start our lives together!

Mom (my), Mom-in-law, friend

with both moms


I totally cherish the love btwn them both


with a co-worker (I wore a peach one shoulder shiffon dress)

beofre gift opening we played some games

grandma doing something with the strainer

Many gifts

Whole group photo

And this is all possible bec I fell in love with this wonderful man! I love so more than words can ever say!

and the next thing (before I knew it, the strainer was on my head!) haha

There you have it, bridal shower coverage as part of my wedding series. Thank you so much for stopping by and following this blog. I will share more exciting stuff in the near future about my wedding dresses options (I think alot of you might be interested in that)
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Simple Dressing, High Living

I face such a delimma sometimes whether to post simple outfits or not. I mean I dont always wear well-coordinated, wearing 5 different accessories in my outfit to make it blog-worthy. I have set myself my own high standards which take away all the fun from blogging and this is such a fun hobby for me, so I am posting this outfit anyway, and I am hoping you will like it and tell me I am not the only one who dresses just simple from time to time? 

Striped long-sleeve: F21 ($6), Poncho: Thrifted ($5), Scarf: Fabricland ($3), Black Pants: Fairweather ($10)

This is one of those outfits - where I start with one neutral and stick to it - and just add one simple/warm pop of color to the outfit.....

I am showing you my "daisy" new earrings - $3

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How to know if what you bought is a great buy?

That is when you want to wear that item ALL THE TIME. I got this sweater from F21 during boxing day sales and I want to pair it with everything, it is lightweight, warm and great color! Just what I need to keep me warm in this -50 degrees weather (ew)

Blue collared shirt: H&M ($5), Sweater: F21 ($6), Pants: Banana Republic Outlet Sale ($15), Belt: Costa Blanca ($4), Necklace: F21 ($5)

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Oatmeal and Coral

My sis (in-law)-to-be asked me if I wanted this sweater and there is no way I could say no, Especially bec I have been eyeing to buy EXACTLY this same sweater in the store. It is such a cute sweater,bright color adn pretty soft for 100% wool. She found it itchy but it was ok for me with a tank underneath. I wear a tank underneath anyway for extra warmth.

Its not only so soft and comfy, but its FREE - haha I love a good deal. Well, it is actaully a great deal, Thanks M!

This bright colored sweater was perfect for a cold day like today! I regret wearing the necklace though as the beads got cold fast! Ah, you live and learn!!

Pants: GAP Outlet ($15), Top: Hand me Downs - Free, Necklace: F21 ($5), Watch: Le Chateau ($10)

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You are the gravy on my mashed potatoes

Plaid jacket: H&M ($25), Grey V-neck: F21 ($5), Black Tank: $3, Pants: GAP Warehouse ($15), Necklace: $5 (Claire's)

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Blues and Greys

Poncho: H&M ($30), Blue v-neck: $5 (thrifted), Pants: GAP outlet ($20)

I wore this outfit to work on Wednesday which it was freezing in my city. We have been having beautiful weather in the winter here but just recently it went to -25 and windchill and I felt it. So mr. Poncho came to rescue me and I felt cute and warm all day.

and it is cute because of the pom-poms detail

Pairing colored shirts under the poncho is the easiest thing you can do to being some color in the outfit. Last time I wore purple and this time blue.

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