Spring has sprung

Top: Thrifted ($3), necklace: F21 ($5), cardigan: RICKI's ($15), earrings and watch: gift, pants: GAP

Well spring has officially hit my town so i celebrated it with a "springy" outfit. hope you like it.

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Mazenta Haze

Remember my recent thrifted pants - the ones above - yeah these are fun to style!

Oh how my hubby makes me laugh!

And bec of that I am out of control here, and once I start laughing, no one can stop me. I was laughing so hard I couldnt even stand straight

I also got this vest gifted from my mom-in-law. She doesnt wear and I needed it, so before it could make it to the thrift store, I found it in my closet.

and yes, thats my husband and our random goofiness!

xoxo Nav

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I swear it is purple!

The top looks navy blue, but its purple in real. I paired it against black blazer and my thrifted pants with the light necklace, makes for a fun pop of color.

Top: Thrifted ($4), Blazer: H&M ($20 - old), Necklace: Wal-mart ($3), Pants: Costa Blanca ($10), Watch: Fossil (Gift), Bracelet: from India ($3)

I first went thrifting this weekend and found the top there and then went to wal-mart and found the following goodies and the necklace. The necklace is sooo cute and it was on sale - it was $3 only! Wow, what a steal! :)

Trying out the new Garnier BB cream, Hard Candy Primer and NYC Red Plum Lip Stain after a suggestion from one of the readers. Do you use any of these products?

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Purple and Mustard

I love how this 2 colors look combined! It made for a fun work look today and actually managed to get some compliments too - BONUS! :)

Purple Top: Costa Blanca ($8), Cardigan: thrifted ($5)Pants: Suzy Shier ($15), Skinny belt (borrowed from a skirt), Bracelet - $3 (from India), Watch: Fossil (gift), Pearl Studs - Ardene's ($4)

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Its all in the details!

I cant part with this cardigan bec a) its ancient b) I love its uneven hem details c) a must have neutral in closet

Grey Cardigan: F21 (ancient), Jeans: $10 (From India), Pink tank: Costablanca ($7), Watch: Fossil (gift), Earrings: Ardene ($5)

This is my casual outfit from this weekend, running errands with my husband.

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Irish Green

Dress: Fairweather ($10), Belt: Mexican (gift), Sweater: F21 sale ($5), Shoes: Steve Madden ($40),
Watch: Fossil (gift), Bracelet: from (India - $5)

Here are some other fun ways I have worn this mexican belt:

Red Lipstick

Among many new things lately in my life is a new husband, new place to live in (in-laws house), new morning and sleeping routine. This is a great opportunity to start fresh again. So I thought why not debut on the blog as a married women wearing red lipstick? As my mom said to me a day after we got married - start wearing bright colored lipstick bec you are married now (bec in Indian culture traditionally women would wear bright lipsticks only after they are married) and I said YES MOM! :D I used to just dab on some lipgloss before but now I am excited to start increasing my lipstick collection.

I love royal blue against grey pants (Even though you cant see them) - I still in the process of setting my tripod in my in-laws bathroom.

Necklace: F21 ($7), Pants: Thrifted ($4), blue cardigan: H&M ($15), Watch: Fossil, gift

We are MARRIED!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, I really didnt plan anything for my blog in my absence. My bad. But I am back now and will be doing regular posts in this week. I am sharing some of my favourite photos from the wedding which was on Feb 26, 2012 in India.

I am so happy and blessed to be married and it was a picture perfect day. It is kind of surreal to look back and say we actually got married. Do any of the married ladies relate? For us, it is just a blur.

the girls at the henna party!

I love my husband!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for sticking around. I love you, all my followers! I have moved to my husbands place and loving being together all the time.

xo Nav