Coral in Winter...yes please! (WIWW)

Pants: GAP, Shirt: Rickis, Belt and Cardigan: Thrifted, Necklace: Le Chateau

The wedding is just under 3 months away and it all kinda feels like a dream! My family talks about how fast this time will go, you know with tonnes of planning still left to do. To make time go by even faster, I am hearing that I will soon be going to my bachelorette party like in few weeks and then it will be christmas and I LOVE christmas and a bridal shower in January. I feel so spoiled! 2 weddings in 2 different countries, get to celebrate 2 different cultures - best of both worlds right? I guess this is what I deserve after 2 years of sleepless nights fighting to be with my love for the rest of our lives. Someone wisely pain, no gain...I believe it.

Anyways on the outfit, I just had to wear this bright color to the office to escape the cold. I just love the crochet detailing on the blouse and I paired with this leafy necklace that my mom picked up for me the other day (since I am on a shopping ban, I guess she felt bad for me! - I love it, thanks mother!)

How are you dressing to escape the cold?

Leopard in Mustard Sauce

Jeans, Belt and Cardigan: Thrifted, Top: F21

Whoa! This is a pretty much a thrifted outfit except one item. I pride msyelf on coming up with outfits that are fully or almost thrifty. I paired leopard with mustard, my favourite color cardigan in the whole wide world. I think the yellow in the leopard shirt contrasted well.

I know I am posting this outfit today but I actually wore this to work last Friday. I also liked the littled red belt peek-a-boo'ing in the outfit. I think I might gift a leopard print shirt to someone for Christmas, it is so the new basic piece in one's closet!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? (for others?)

Bright Mondays - Part 4!

We have been having lovely weather here, it is the end of November  and with above 0 temperatures here, it is pretty much aweomse (did you notice I just misspelled Awesome?!) Not once in 10 years I have lived here, has it ever happened that I am able to wear dresses in winter time without freezing my a$$, so needless to say I am very happy.

Dress: Wal-Mart, Tights: F21, Booties: Aldo, Cardigan: RICKI's (old)

 Mr. F. started a new job last week and I packed him lunch - and got really creative with the hot sauce.

Hope you had a good thanksgiving and took full advantage of Black Friday sales. Canada had few sales in the stores until XMAS, I am on a shopping ban so decided to stick to it (plus everytime I organize my closet, I think to myself - Nav you have too much stuff, please don't buy more!) I am pretty much patting myself on the back on not heading out to the stores this weekend.

What did you score from the Black Friday sales? Pls do share!

Polka dots and Plaid

Pants: GAP, Blazer and Scarf: H&M, Shirt: Old Navy

Last time I did pattern mixing was back in Summer time (it was part of EBEW pattern mixing) and I didn't do so well, or atleast I didn't think. But this outfit above, It turned out decent eh?  I mean plaid and polka dots are the hardest thing to pair, I am kidding. not that hard. I mean you just have to wear the jacket and wrap the scarf around your neck - see it is not too hard.

Mr. F. got a job (wohoo!) closer to where I work. So we take the LRT together in the morning and afternoon (double-wohoo!!) P.S. No more seft-taking outfit photos (triple wohoo!) I am getting tripod for Christmas, for those self-taking portrait days.

Cobalt and Leopard

Pants: BR, Leopard shirt: F21, Belt: Thrifted, Cardigan: Suzy Shier

I have been wanting to wear these 2 colors for quite some time now, and I LOVE the way it turned out. Cobalt is such a vibrant color, It was a total cold day today and the outfit was a total pick-me-up for me. Funny how clothes do that to you.

Leopard is the new basic, I have heard many times this fall. It is very true, you pair any color with it and you are pretty much ready to head out. I naturally try to be very matchy matchy and would have totally paired it with black cardigan and then what? Pairing it with color totally gets more bang out of my bucks I spent on this shirt. (which was only $15 but stilll.....)

If you liked what I wearing today: like my outfit over at Cute and Little? Its just a click away. Thank you!!

Bright Mondays (Part: III) - PONCHO

Someone asked me the other day -why don't you wear makeup. If you did, your photos would come out really good. which means that right now, my photos come out (somewhere btwn ok and not so good!).

Dear reader, thank you for your suggestion. I do not wear makeup bec a) I am so-not a morning person, I don't time in the morning to put on makeup. Its either breakfast or makeup. I choose breakfast.

b) I don't own fancy makeup like that one thing that you put on your face which transforms your look. You know those multi-tasking creams which are sunscreen, foundation, concealer, anti-againg cream - all-in-one. I don't own those. They are expensive and I just don't value speding money on it, atleast not yet.

c) My Hubby-to-be like me to be natural.

d) Makeup causes my skin to breakout. So I just let my skin breathe. I have had enough skin problems in the past due to it.

d) When I go out - I do wear makeup. but only once in a while.

So ladies, is it necessary in your opinion to wear makeup in order to blog for outfits? (I hope not or I seriously missed the menu)


Shirt: F21, Cardigan: Thrifted, Pants: GAP. Tank: F21, Earrings: Gift

Ambushing you all posting on a saturday - which I almost never do, I take weekends off from bloggy world. 

This grey wool-blend cardigan (I thrifted!, SCORE) is soooo warm - you can pretty much layer any summer blouse underneath and you will be warm guranteed! How lovely are pieces like this that make our lives easy? Few years back, I would layer on 3 chunky pieces - by the time coat goes on (if it goes on), I would feel so stuffy all day. But no more, I found out the secret, invest in light-weight warm layering pieces (cashmere and wool-blend sounds nice,eh?) and one is good to go.

Saturday lesson over, Enjoy your weekend folks!

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We had our first snow fall this week and it looks soo whimsical out. Winters are so cold here, and we are scheduled to get next snow storm tomorrow. Yikes, atleast I get to wear in layers this winter. I have had this purple vest- like sweater for so long, I cant remember how long. Before I started blogging, I would never wear it. But I found this baby recently and I cant wait to wear it over and over again this winter. I kept it netural elsewhere and belted the vest to give it some shape ;)

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are. I am off to get some hot chocolate and curl up to read Ellen's new book - Seriously......I'm Kidding. I have a feeling I will love it.

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Color Me Orange

When a sweater is wool blend, I am always really careful to wear it for potential itchiness, this one from H&M is soooooo soft. Its full sleeve, cowl neck, bright color, under $15, warm - can a girl really ask for more?

shorter in front, longer in the back - a feature I just found out about

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Bright Mondays - Part 2!

I know I am talking about dressing up on a monday. ARE.U.CRAZY? This is the last thing on my mind!  Most people are craving more sleep, more coffee on monday morning. Me on the other don't drink coffee and cant wait to get to work on Mondays. I get to work in nice clothes and meet nice people and make nice things happen in order to have a nice city and have a nice time living in it. Doesn't it sound nice?

So where was I? Oh yeah dressing up bright on mondays. Its like sleeping in and coffee for me - bec colors eneergize me. Maybe some of you will actually enjoy this post if you are like me - dress up full on - on Mondays.

White Shirt: Hand me Downs, Jeans: Thrifted, Sweater: F21

Last week was Rodeo week here in our city, so our work let us wear jeans all week!! This is what I wore on last Monday. I am a little behind my posts yet I don't have any more pictures to post. That sounds very confusing. I bet most people aren't even gonna read this. Who reads my writing here?

Hope you are having an amazing MOnday, thanks for coming by!

Summer to Winter Remix

Maxi and sweater: F21, Jacket, Bag: H&M, scarf: Costablanca

This weekend I brought out my sweaters and was packing my summer dresses away - until I saw this maxi dress that here I wore in summer here and again here and totally decided to winterize it before I would put it away for months. I wore tights underneath for more warmth and layered a netural sweater and added a scarf and my bomber jacket. 

We went to go stroll in the mall and saw this. Isnt it beautiful? We thought it is a perfect place for my outfit photos. I love Christmas and I am seriously counting days to it.

"Let you light shine"

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P.S. I totally forgot to tell you guys that I am on a shopping ban for November 2011. The last purchase I made was that plaid jacket for H&M (and that was mid-Oct) and I seriously need to go on the ban NOW. I need to GIVE this holiday season rather than consuming more and more.

Ryan is totally excited for it, much more than me :P

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Outfits Flashback: Oct 2011

I usually don't post on the weekends - so you can find me posting for work outfits (M-F). I have seen other bloggers do a month of outfits in review - I think it is such a great idea. 1) it shows you what items you been gravitating towards lately and it is time to wear other items that you bought some time ago 2) How did I do styling them? 3) added bonus - you might get some ideas remixing similar items from your closet.

Hope you enjoy posts like this. If you did, let me know below - it will give me motivation to do more in future!

Let me know which outfit was your favourite from Oct 2011 below.

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Fall Staple

Anyone else like plaid these days? I sure am and it is gonna be my staple for fall and winter in coming months. I love this jacket, you insert some color with it and you pretty much look chic. For a change in jeans, I paired it with black instead of blue jeans. I am always tempted to pair this blazer with coral tones, but so far I have paired it with coral, mustard and teal here. Lets see what other colors I can pair it with.
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What colors would you pair this blazer with? Let me know below.