18. Wedding Preps are on! (& Happy Canada Day)

This is my 2011 Canada Day outfit that I wore yesterday - red and white :)

This outfit is nothing special, pretty basic if you ask me! Anywho...lets move on hoping the next one wont be this bad.

Psssssssssssst.... family is making plans for small Engagement Party this Sept 2011. Yay we ATLEAST will be engaged (we have dated for 5.5 years)! And guess what that means - we can go ring shopping. I am hoping my friend GOOGLE would help! :)

How do we celebrate the occassion of an engagement in North America? Let me know in comments below. Thanks! (Bec I am trying to involve R's cultural things as much as possible along with East-Indian)


  1. OMG!! NAV!! SO EXCITING!! I really miss talking to you :(

  2. That's is one of the best things about being engaged :).


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