30. Time to Celebrate

It is that time of the month! Well not that time (haha) - funny play on words. Time of the month where it is Time to Celebrate because I have completed this challenge. I feel good ofcourse, I tried so many new things that I wouldnt have otherwise like putting a cardigan under a blazer in today's outfit.. I had so many great dresses/skirts outfit lined up for the last few days that never materalized because it has been raining non-stop in Edmonton. Ah well! This was so much fun and expanding my creativity beyond limits is refreshing.

Now for some nature's FREE GIFTS:

Hope you enjoyed the past 30 outfits. I know I did ALOT. I will do a round-up tomorrow!! So come back and tell me what you fav. outfits were.

 You can look forward to more outfit posts in the future, getting back on Tippy Tuesdays episodes, receipes and wedding planning posts....and much MORE! So stay tuned! =]


  1. Congratulations! It feels great to complete this challenge. Can't wait to see the roundup.

  2. This is a cute outfit! Where is your purse from?

  3. I love how your blazer and the piping detail polishes your whole look!  And the necklace you have on is soo pretty! - Mar

  4. I really love those flats Nav! I am looking forward to seeing your round up post :)

    xo Teresa

  5. Your bag is so cute, and love the patterned shoes!

  6. Hi Lola, I bought the purse from a local consignment store.

  7. Congrats on finishing the 30x30!  And your blazer and shoes are just amazing!


  8. Congrats on finishing!! It's difficult for sure, but you did it. Love the cardigan under the blazer

  9. Congratulations on making it through! I'm a few behind because of vacation, so I'm gonna be done next week. (: I'm looking forward to the roundup.


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