25. Are we there yet?

Alright, so this weekend I had an engagement party to attend! I had no outfit planned but wanted to wear something decent. Ithought, what the heck, just cheat and wear some nice shirt and a skirt that is not part of the mix. But it was raining, so then decided against the skirt, put in my flared jeans (that are part of the mix), throw some pink in and topped it off with a red cropped jacket and threw on a leaopard print on top for warmth..and VOILA~ this is what you get. Not bad right? I quite like it, actually =]

End of story. It felt good to not cheat!

Hope you having a amazing shmazing weekend! =]


  1. You're so close to being finished! And I'm glad you were able to rock a look and not cheat (I'm sure it feels nice). Vibrant colors + animal print are always great with me. (: Also, thanks for checking in on my blog while I was away!

  2. I love the pink on pink and that 1st picture of you is so pretty. The photographer caught you at that perfectly natural moment in your smile and turn.

  3. Pink and leopard.  Totally incredible.  I wish I thought of it first!


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