Can't Get Enough of Blue

I thrifted this skirt few weeks ago and it was size 16! But I loved the print and if there is anything I have learned about thrifting is that - Size doesn't matter. I spend $5 more bucks to make it size 4 and it is BEAUTIFUL. Printed skirts go with any color and can be worn for work or casual on the weekends!

Also, I might have found the perfect pair of Nude wedges out there, also. So comfortable!

Blouse: Reitmans
Cardigan: H&M
Nude Shoes: Naturalizer
Skirt - Thrifted
Watch: AVON

Blus really IS my fav color! I cant get enough of this color! I keep buying many clothes in blue, I need to stop but don't quite know how! :P

Do you tend to stock up clothing in your favourite colors quite often? How do you limit yourself not to buy too much of one color? 


  1. Blue is the most common color in my wardrobe. I've been actively trying to branch out into other colors, mostly green and purple.

  2. Love black and white with a pop of color, looks great!

  3. i love blue too! nice cardigan! you love cardigans don't ya? but you should, they look great on you!

  4. Hi!! Cool outfit :)

    About your question, I usually do buy clothes in my favorite colors, but sometimes if the shirt is in another color, I'll ask myself what color don't I have? And then opt for that one hehe.

    Bye !

  5. Love the cardigan. Blue looks great on you :)



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