Sunny SEVEN (30X30)

Yeah I totally skipped yesterday's outfit. Oops!!! I guess, I am a day behind now. But thats ok. What I wore yesterday was not part of my 30X30 picks. I was in my PJ's all day long. I had a wonderful relaxing lazy weekend and I am greatful to have it. Usually I am out and about every weekend being a social butterfly. So this was a nice change. Some productive things I did do: Sleeping in, grocery shopping, filed taxes (yay! for tax refund), laundry (and I just remmebered I haven't dried them yet), watched a movie. I guess on a second thought, the weekend was not exactly lazy now, was it?

Enjoy the pics of the 7th outfit. Also, I have some new followers: Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here! I am constantly looking to improve this space, so please give me feedback.

Blue sweater - Fairweather
Scarf - H&M
Belt - Urban Planet
Black Pant: GAP
Nude pink Studs: Forever 21
Black Dress Boots: The Bay


  1. I only slept 5 hours last night yet I had a pretty good monday.
  2. Greatful for sring sprunging
  3. Its hard to not go shopping and ignore sales - I knew I would suffer with this rule of 30X30 challenge - Not to go shopping for 30 days!
  4. I am going to start Zumba again tomorrow!!!! Yipee...!!
  5. I am finally out of sickness fully now. I was sick for 3 weeks on and off...but its gone for good now!
  6. I am going out for a walk now.
Have a great night! xo

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