I turn 25 today!! and I am heading out to work. Party is tomorrow! End of story! :) Enjoy the rest of the post!
I am sure you noticed that Teal is one of the colors on the radar this fall. And this teal turtleneck I have owned for so long, that I cant remember. I personally love the shade and find that it flatters many skin tones.

I paired it with brown pants for a change, in the past before blogging started I only wore them with black pants and thats about it. I used to be sooo boring back then!

upclose and blurry pic of accessories

Re-using old items from the closet and to be able to remix it - gives me great utility/benefit (insert economics knowledge here!)
A linky party is in the works guys...I am so excited to share it in the next few posts with you!! :) Thanks for taking the time to stop by! :)

Happy Thursday :) 

Lunch Kits are so remixable! (WIWW)

Top: F21, Cardi: RICKIs, Pants: GAP, Neckalce, Ring: Ardene's, Lunch Kit: Wal-Mart

I love this lunch kit! It was my mom's but I totally stole it. Its leopard, cute, can be carried as a purse for all that I know. Now isn't thist the most multi-functional lunch kit ever! Shhh only you guys know it is a lunchkit, for rest of the world...it is a cute looking leopard bag! I am seeing leopard in almost anything this year and I am looking forward to wearing so much more of leopard pattern this fall and winter.

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Is your lunch kit mutli-functional?

Wedding Inspiration Folder

Skirt: H&M, Top: Ricki's, Cardi: H&M, Tights & Necklace: Ardene, Shoes: Payless

Trench Coat: Suzy Sheir, Scarf: Gift, Ring: F21

I have started creating a wedding inspiration folder - to add wedding inspiration photos in. I save bridesmaid dresses styles, my bridal colors, hairdo's that I like, table decorations, centrepieces in that folder. I am just in so much awe at this point in planning the wedding. I am sooo soo soo happy that I get to marry love of my life with my parents fulll support. *Touch Wood* (all the south-asians will get it) - its like "knocking on wood". For now, I am not going crazy...just loving it all. Who knows this might change in few months?! haha

Anyway, about the look I wore - I just paired my black pencil skirt with the top from ricki's and on the days I dont know what to do with my outfit - I just added blue to it. Simple,dimple, simple outfit, nothing fancy.

Thanks for reading! :)

Tube Top Remixing!

Tube top as Skirt: Thrifted, Tee: Urban Planet, cardigan: thrifted, necklace: F21

Tube top worn as skirt - isnt it the most gorgeous print?

I only own this tube top and havent worn it yet. Tube tops make me feel like I am showing too much skin - and who says tube tops can't be worn as skirts. I wore it last week to work and got so many compliments. I am definitely going to remix this piece much more. If you own a tube top that you just love, try wearing it as a casual skirt next time.

I think this week Mr. Fiancee and I will book our wedding photographer, videographer and DJ. Once that is booked, I can start looking at shopping for wedding dress, shoes and accessories! haha I laugh at myself because we havent even set our wedding budget yet neither have we finalized the guests list. Am I in trouble?

Our city is looking gorgeous with trees changing colors - its beautiful :) Oh how I just love fall time!!

Thanks for stopping by guys! Happy Monday!

Chambray and Coral - Casual Friday Look

Chambray: H&M, Skinnies - forever 21, Flats: Payless, White Cardi: Thrifted, Scarf: Fairweather

I only always considered Chambray for work looks. it has collar, has buttons you know looks like a blouse you pair for professional work looks. Sounds like a no-brainer, but only lately have I started experimenting and wore it couple of times casually. The outfit looked kinda boring so i added a pop of color - Coral and Chambray are so yummy together like milk and Oreo cookies. I am a fan of milk and oreao cookies. random I know!

I wore this outfit a while back when I had half day off work and Mr. Fiancee and I utilized it to go to the lake. It was very quiet there as parents were working and kids were in school and we both like sitting by the calm water and catch up with each other.

I am so glad it.is.the.weekend. HAPPY FRIDAY!  :)

P.S. Thanks to everyone who commented on the last bridesmaid delimma post! Your comments really helped clear my head. Thank you again :)

Issues with Bridesmaids

is that in East-Indian cultures, the issue of bridesmaids don't exist. Well now that my fiancee is Canadian and we are doing 2 ceremonies - East Indian and Canadian/American. The only thing is now I have to choose between my close knit girlfriends. So I did. I picked 7! Mr. Fiancee only has 3 groomsmen and he doesnt wanna put any more. Well, its really really hard for me to include 3 and not the other four. I dont know what to do. I came up with couple of options and maybe you can help me out:

1) Have no bridesmaids or groomsmen and just have 2 people in the bridal party - best man as my brother and maid of honor by my side which is Ryan's sister (We are deciding to keep it in the family - plus we cant choose between our friends!)

2) For us to match the # of groomsmen with bridesmaids. (This is hard for me)

3) For us to have unmatching # of groomsmen and bridemaids - still hard for me to downsize the number.

4) Mr. Fiancee suggested this - to have 4 bridesmaids to match with 4 groomsmen and involve the other 3 potential bridesmaids be involved in some very important part of the wedding (luckily we have 5-6 ceremonies between 2 types of weddings).

The thing is - this is suppossed to be fun and this is becoming un-necessarily stressful. I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings you know and  I want to know what you guys think.

Maybe together we can come up with some creative idea! What do you think?

Oh, yeah this is what I wore today:

Dress: Cleo, Shoes: Payless, Blazer: Thrifted, Necklace: Gift

Who has oatmeal for lunch? I do.

Pants: GAP, Shoes: Steve Madden, Shirt: Forever 21, Blazer: Thrifted

I wore this as I went out with a friend last night out for dinner. Leopard and red are becoming my new favourites!

I had oatmeal for lunch today, I will spare you the reasoning behind it. I eat breakfast food for lunch and dinner now a days; Like 2 days ago, I decided to make pancakes for dinner. Breakfast food tastes alot better at night time, try it out sometime :) Its a nice way to break up usual routine ;)

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What other colors you think go well with leopard print??

For the Love of Mustard

Pants: GAP, Tank, Cardi and Belt : Thrifted, necklace: Gift

Has anybody (other than me) noticed that out of 7 popular looks, 4 of them have had some form of mustard in it??? Mustard might be the new BLUE. I love blue, in everything. I guess when it comes to dressing to the office, mustard is the color! I was not the girl to wear such bold colors to office..only after blogging did I start experimenting more with color. annnnnnnnd I havent looked back!

I had such a busy weekend, cant believe its monday already. Wedding planning is in full swing, I will discuss some things with you all and ask for your opinion. So stay tuned!!

How was your weekend?

Desserts and Wine

such good company!

yummy desserts!

Dress: Suzy Shier  |  Belt: Thrifted  |  Sandals, Necklace: F21 

The pictures you see above are from an evening event I recently attended. Good food, good company, desserts and wine, you really can't complain. Speaking of wine, it was sparkling wine to be clear (I love that thing, no alcohol it has). The dessert photo is drool-worthy isn't it? haha it was too good. plus its birthday month, i celebrate all month by eating desserts here and there and i will gain 20 pounds...just watch!
I wore this dress - its very lightweight and comfy and last time I wore it, I wore it with tights so its length and where it landed on me didn't matter. But this time when I sat down you could see all of my leg and thighs...you know...I even thought about going to the mall and purchasing some tights.but guys it was 30 degree out and then chose not to do it. Naturally there was no sitting at the event, soo I stood fashionably all night :)

Do you have any funny stories about fashion mishappenings?

WIWW - Cool Look

Doesnt look like much.

Top: H&M  |  Skirt: Thrifted  |  Shoes: Steve Madden  |  Belt: Gift

Seems like this week is going to be full of compliments! Monday we had the sexy look, and tuesday was "you look nice and girly" and Wednesday I present you with a "Cool look" which is what Mr. Fiancee intreprets it as...I  thrifted this white pencil skirt back in May and it fits me like a glove, makes me feel so feminine.

Mind you, my current work doesn't require me to be so dressed up. But I do it, out of my own will. Being dressed up makes me feel like a) Happy because I am dressed up important b) I am productive bec I feel good about myself c) It makes easy transistion into after-work social events d) Lets me be creative the night before (bec I have now started creating outfits the nightty before!

Who knew there would be so many positivities out of getting dressed! =)

Do you feel empowered by the way you dress?

Nice and Girly

Dress: Wal-Mart  |  Belt: Thrifted  |  Bangles, Earrings: F21 

Fiancee called this look a" nice and girly look"- mind you pictures were taken after work so I look a little tired and groggy. In the morning, i looked more put together and had lip gloss on. End of story.

I wore this dress last time with a safe option - a brown belt. Well, today I wanted to spice things up a bit. And by spice, I think cinnamon and cinnamon is red - so red belt it was that was gonna sinch my waist. You like army with red? Its diffferent, isn't it? But hey, yesterday I paired pink with army colored skirt, it went and you guys liked it. So I am sure red will just fly.

Did red fly with army green here?

How to Stretch your Closet

Outfit prepared the night before - doesnt look like much..

Top: Wal-Mart  |  Skirt: Thrifted  |  Shoes: Steve Madden 

As soon as Mr. Fiancee sees me this morning, first thing he says is "You look sexy on a Monday morning!!" Well, well, well...I say, "I think what he means was you put some thought into it and i looks put together" Thanks love, I took it as a compliment. I prepared all my week worth of outfits the night before. because I am trying to use some un-worn items..I have noticed this is something I do getting ready in the morning in a rush is - use few pieces that I always wear to make my outfit rather than wearing something I havent worn in 3-4 months! This is called "Stretch your closet, dear friend!" This top and skirt I havent worn each piece in the last 3 months, shame on me.....so here we are...starting the week with a sexy outfit!

How do you plan your outfits - the day of or the night before?

Birthday Month!

Maxi dress as skirt: Forever 21  |  Tee: Old Navy  | Belt: Gift  |  Necklace: Forever 21  

Septmeber is one of the best months of the year! Ryan and I started dating in September and it my birthday in September also (May the celebrations begin!! - I celebrate the whole month, silly I know) This belt sent to me by my mexican friend 3 years ago as a birthday gift AND is one of the best gifts ever! How can it not be? It tranforms any simple plain outfit in seconds.  Like it transformed this outfit also.

I keep wanting wear my maxi lately so when I saw the way Audrey wore it, I wanted to try it out right away.. I quite liked it paired with white and topped it off with my colored blue mexican belt.

Have you tried wearing your maxi dress as a skirt?