Striped Skirt

Pink Tank Top: Hand Me Down (free), Skirt: Smart Set ($10), Black Blazer ($20), Flats: Payless ($10), Tights: F21 ($5)
Hello Blog readers! Long time no talk.
Recently out City got hit with a massive snow storm. So I was practcally dressed in my winter coat and warm fuzzy PJ's. I picked up this striped skirt from the mall last month and before the snow storm hit our City I managed to wear it.


  1. How pretty! My favorite colors, in a stylish package. Great job.

  2. OOOH I start school in the East Coast possibly next year, and apparently there's a dress code? lol but yeah, this is the perfect outfit for an amaaazing price! Nicely done yet again :D x

  3. Cute skirt!!!

    Carsedra of:

  4. Love the outfit!

  5. That bright pink is a great color on you!! ;-)

  6. Beautiful outfit! Perfect for work!

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