Possible Remixing Addiction

Purple is one of my fav colors and pairing it with a tan belt did WONDERS for me! :)

Sweater: Fairweather
Belt: Thrifted
Pants: Smart Set
Blouse: Smart Set
Watch: Gift

Is it possible to have remixing addiction?? I think I have that addiction. Should I pick out 30 more items and remix for 30 more days??? I am tempted to. For 2 reasons: My photographer was serious and took photos of me religiously during 30X30,  and now since its over, he has abondoned me. and second - My co-workers mentioned today why don't you remix again!?

I loved to get so many uses out of one piece of clothing - I felt so good using the same items OVER and over AGAIN to come up with DIFFERENT outfits. Did you ever get that feeling during the challenge??

Would YOU like to see more of 30X30? Let me know below!


  1. Such great layers!! I havn't done the 30 for 30, but I always feel great when I remix my pieces, so I can understand why youd want to do it again

  2. I'd love to see another 30x30, and I challenge you to not use any pieces you used in the last one.

    LOVE this outfit, btw.  You look great.

  3. You could make yourself a different kind of remixing challenge to keep with the spirit of it but do something a little different. (Example: pick something, show it off three ways, move on.) But if you wanted to do another 30 for 30 I don't think anyone would stop you!

  4. it really did wonders for you! you look great! nice combo!


  5. Cute outfit.  And I love that you have been having such fun remixing and want to do it all over again!  So many people who do the 30x30 are so relieved to be done with it when they finish.  Keep having fun!


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