24. Yay! Its Friday....

Finally, I put on this comfy dress - A.KA PJ's for Work. Did I mention my new work area is pretty casual so I wore this today for work! I was so comfy all day in it that I fell asleep on my desk around 3pm today. OOPS.

And my accessories....

We decided to take photos with the kids in the park near the play area except THEY RAN AWAY when they saw the camera. Lesson LeARNED: Kids don't like girls wearing maxi dresses.

Oh, I miss being a kid. Although, as a kid I had very little pocket money and no independence. So I will just take whatever I am now - a grown-up women. :)

What is your PJ;s like work appropriate outfit?


  1. I love your turquoise ring! So beautiful!!!



  2. LOL at the kids running away.

    I can see why you fell asleep at work today ;) Comfy clothes, especially cotton and jersey material are my "work pjs" as well.

  3. Cute outfit for work!!  I really love the red cardigan over it:)  

  4. Ahh I love maxi dresses - soo comfy. This one is such a great color. I can't believe you fell asleep at work, haa! -Rachel (adistinctstyle.blogspot.com)

  5. i love the dress! and the neckalce is so pretty!


  6. Love your dress, nice that it is so comfy ^-^

  7. LOVE this dress!! The material looks so cozy. I wear mine when I'm feeling tired or blah, but everyone thinks I look dressed up! And I"m like "Noooo, actually I feel like crap, but thanks!" They are just too comfy to pass up on those kind of days:) Lovely lovely style! :) 

  8. Kathy HarringtonJuly 9, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    I would LOVE to wear a maxi dress to work!! Unfortunately, my office environment is a bit too on the professional side for that.  While I may not be able to wear a maxi dress, my pjs to work look is definitely a soft/cotton dress with cute flats! 


  9. That maxi looks stunning on you! And I can't believe you are almost done!

  10. Great outfit!  Comfy, and perfectly accessorized.


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