I am Engaged!!!

So you know how life happens - yeah that's what happened. I was so super duper busy with an engagement party last saturday. It happened and I am so happy how it went. The ceremony was my favourite part. The dance party, the guests, my friend looked so beautiful, the ring (which I love). Seeing my dad dance across the dance floor - seeing him so happy for me and Ryan brought tears to my eyes. 2 years ago, it was tough phase for my family trying to accept Ryan in the family and I can say that all the hard work paid off!! The lesson: Fight for your life, because love conquers all problems! Seeing both sides of the family happy and lovingly doing everything to make the day so special for Ryan and I, I am so blessed!!!

Here is a sneek peek at the engagement - enjoy!

So happy together!

me and Riya - my niece

Chunni Chadai ceremony - my fav part!

There you have it. I am on Cloud 9!!

Will be back on doing outfit posts soon!! Thanks for visiting and hanging around :) I got the best followers! :)

Six Months Flashback

I often spend time reflecting on my habits, my accomplishments, mistakes and about my passions and all of it got me thinking about the evolvement of my blog and style. The reason I started this blog six months ago was to learn from others and experiment with my looks with new things learned and keep a diary of it. I recently spent some time and picked out "some popular outfits" that you and I have enjoyed. And these are not "I like" outfits, this is something I "Love Outfits" and probably will wear it again.

Six months ago, I didn't know a thing about fashion. Like I didn't even know the word "Gingham" and what it meant. I would wear dark, boring and dull colors to office with little to no experimenting with colors except on the weekends. I used to fancy girls who knew how to make their closet work. That's when NavLandStyle was born! I remember when i got 10 followers..I was like really, people enjoy what I write - thanks for your inspirations and lead e to try harder!

These are my favourite 12 most favourite office looks so far and 4 casual (sorry folks, I work in an office and so you will see more cubicle fashion here).......so here we go. I strictly chose some of my top Favourite looks that I am proud for creating them and WEARING them too!!

One pop of color in any piece is essential - either in accessories or top or bottoms or shoes. I try to not go overboard with too much color for office attire.

# 5,6,7,8
I wore accessories in every outfit. Belts, necklaces, scarves are also essential in creating an outfit from drag to beautiful. I always loved accessories but now only I am getting more MILEAGE out of them.

# 9,10,11,12
Creating a uniform - pattern top with solid bottom or printed bottom with a solid top. Some weeks, I wear this sort of uniform all week to the office. Just mix pattern with solid colors in the closet. It simplies things to get ready in the morning.

Here is a collage of my most favourite casual looks. I like to be comfortable on the weekends mostly in my PJ's unless I am headed out (ahem, therefore absence of casual looks). In each look, I have paired something unusual - and by unusual I mean (out of my comfort zone like pairing red pink together in the 14th outfit) --- but that zone is expanding and I quite enjoy it :) I look forward to learning much more and creating more fun looks.... so stay tuned! =]

 Thanks so much for Stopping by!!!

AND...........Time for some outtakes...

These outtakes are so funny!! Hope you will follow along so we  take this journey one step at a time and see how far we can get!! :)

TIPPY TUESDAYS #12 - 1 Mustard Shirt, 5 Looks

When I bought this mustard shirt, I was so excited but I had only pictured two or three outfits. But man! the possibilities are endless, I love to wear it. When I need one of those "pick me up" days, I wear this shirt and it makes me look sharp and bright.

At first if you notice in the first collage, I only ever wore it for casual looks, but later I started venturing it into my work looks and I love it :) Well, hopefully you enjoyed this post and got some ideas on how to wear a mustard shirt

Do you find a mustard shirt/Cardigan versatile piece of clothing?

Blue Squins and Mustard

Jeans: Bebe - Thrifted, Shoes: Zellers, Shirt: Hand me Downs: Cardigan - Thrifted

This was my casual friday outfit to the office. My bestie didn't want this blue sequined shirt and asked if I wanted it?  It is blue, has sequins and aweome print undeneath. Yes please!

I paired it with my thrifted mustard cardi as yellow is one of the colors in the cardi. As much as I love blue, I also love finding colors that go with it- and mustard works wonderfully. Thats why I am officially in love with this cardigan and many others and plan on having many colors of them, they are so easy with pair with patterned shirt and therefore easy to look put together when you really didn't put much effort in :)

 Wohoo...1 week till Engagement Party! :D  I know you must be asking, where is the surprise aspect?, Well well well...I dont know what ring he picked (I am kept in secret about this)..I have no idea what he has arranged bec apparently my dad told me to get to location at 620pm when doors are opening at 530pm. Sounds fishy, doesn't it? I love surprises, so I am not complaining :D

What are your plans for the weekend?

Pink Jacket

Surprise visit to see grandma! (See previous visit here)

Top: Ricki's  |  Pink Jacket: thrifted  |  Shoes: Payless

I thrifted this jacket back in June, it was time to give it some blog time.  I decided to use pink blazer as "punch of color" with a fairly neutral look  I wore to work today. Black and pink (both work together like a charm). Even my boss complimented me on the blazer. Compliments are lovely, esp the ones coming from bosses!

But jokes aside, I think a colored jacket is just as versatile as a black blazer. You could easily pair it with jeans for a Friday casual work look with a floral top or jeans, a top, this jacket and a scarf or with a patterned skirt. Wow, so many options! Can't wait to play with it..more!!


Love/Hate Relationship

Top: GAP  |  Cardigan, Skirt: H&M  |  Wedges: Costa Blanca

You know sometimes you are not sure whether to buy something or not in a store. But then the price is sooo attractive and you end up getting it anyway? (Yeah I am talking about my new colored wedges). I thought to myself Nav - They are blue (your fav color) and only $5.00 (thats right!), but then I was not sure how they would look on me. Hence, we have a love/hate relationship right know. But then again thats how my relationship with my boyfriend started. Love/Hate and ended up falling in love. So, lets see if I fall in love with them over time :) Only Time will Tell........

Have you ever bought something on a whim in a store but ended up falling in love with it?

21 Day Challenge (Day 1 and Day 2)

Top: Old Navy  |  Pants: Wal-Mart  |  Heels: Payless

Remember back when 30X30 remixing was over, I wish the challenge was still on. Well aren't I just lucky to find another Challenge. I am participating in Kayla's 21 Day Challenge! The # challenge was to find a top that you would wear 3 times - so I choose my new Gingham Shirt  and the second challenge was to post somthing tucked in. Well, well well this outfit just passed 2 challenges in ONE.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd.......I wore this to work today. Incase I didn't say that already.

Up next is Pattern Mixing!! Do make sure to come back to see what I will wear :)

Also, guess what I received in the mail today: SO excited to rock these babies for fall adn winter!!!

Do you love your Gingham/patterned shirts?

TIPPY TUESDAYS #11 - 1 Printed Cardigan, 4 Looks

Who hasn`t done Tippy tuesdays IN A WHILE...........ME! Bad Nav.

In my closet, patterned cardigan makes a very classic piece because they can be multi-used (Is that a word?). They can be used as a pop of color if you got neutral outfit for the day, they can be paired with many colors like I did with Mustard and Indigo, also can be used as the 'finishing piece' that ties everything together.

I got the one above from H&M and I spotted this beauty on the clearance rack. I got it and have shown it some love and will continue to get more use out of this beauty piece. Yes, I find my clothes beautiful.

Now you tell me: Do you like printed cardigans? How do you like to wear them?

Pink Ruffles

Top: Sirens
Pants: WalMart
Heels: Payless
Necklace: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted

I picked up this hot pink ruffled shirt recently. As much as I love ruffles, I just wasn't sure how this particular pink would look on me (I am quite concious of my skin color). I mean you just can't go wrong with ruffles :)

I paired it with grey to tone down the bright pink and paired it with my $1 thrifted necklace. It was a easy bright outfit to wear to office on a MOnday! Start the week on a good note (wearing bright colors that is!). My brain responds to nice bright colors as - I am not tired and encourages me to be bright and cheery! (No caffinne required!)

Most of the engagement party logistics are under control, thank god! Some things are still left to do - I need to find gold fancy shoes (going shoe shopping tomorrow), need to find a hair and makeup person to get me all dolled up, need to write up script for the MC's. And then WE.are. done.done.done. AND sit back and enjoy! 2 more weeks to go....

Do you prefer to wear something bright on Mondays to beat the tiredness?

The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.~ William Penn

I saw this post last night at Helen's blog about "Weekly Gratitude" and I am choosing it to do it on the blog today. Because someone just reminded me to add up my blessings instead of my troubles. SIGH.

So here we go: (atleast I can try hard to write some - its always hard to come up with positive things when you are in a negative mood? Does that ever happen to you?)

So here we go - >>>>> I am greatful for:

  • A New house (that comes with a new deck to take pictures on), my new big room. I am greatful that my family could afford a newer bigger house.
  • Greatful for a loving family who is doing everything for my happiness and ignoring the rest of the drama
  • A loving Fiancee to be. He is wonderful. I wuv you.
  • Great close friends who are doing unlimited things to make the engagement party happen...Thank you guys!
  • Ability to have food, a roof over my head, a job I love, clothes, ability to buy what I want, healthy body and mind - Oh how I take you for granted.
  • Greatful to have amazing readers who read my fashion posts, life posts, rants (Thanks guys!) and who come back to read it day after day.
  • Grateful to own a car and be able to drive =)
  • Its been 6 years since Ryan and I have been together, and FINALLY in 2 weeks, we will be engaged. THIS IS SO AWESOME.
  • Our families get along and have a good time without any of the politics. That is the # 1 reason I did not want to marry into the community. You not only marry the guy but the politics of the extended family that comes with it. I grew up with it and didn't want the same for my future life.
  • Ryan's family appreciates our culture, our values and oh so calm and collected when we are explaining things to them even though it is all foreign to them
  • I love seeing my dad's smiling face when Ryan speaks in punjabi with him (native Language - from Punjab, India).
  • We have a wedding date! YAHOO! =)
This is a GOOD exercise to gain back a positive prespective. I feel better. Thanks to Helen's blog again to send me some inspiration. God bless. I will be back on outfit posts starting tomo!!

Now some pics I love: ENJOY! :)

Good times! :D

Bridesmaids posin on the new deck

Dance Group

I have soft spot for kids, esp the ones live in a vulnerable setting (Aren't they just adorable?!)

Thank you for stopping by guys, hope this gave you a chance and inspiration to count your blessings too if something is troubling you :)

xo Nav

Buttonless Cardigan

Mustarf - Thrifted
Florals - Forever XXI
Flats: Spring
Pants: Costa Blanca - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted

I wanted a mustard cardigan for FOREVER. I asked the universe for it (silly I know) and I walk into my local thrift store and it was sitting.there.for.me. It was calling my name, i tried it on and it was good fit, no holes, no stains and $3.99. Can ya go wrong? Except I did. It didn't have two buttons, now I am on a hunt for 2 mustard color buttons and giving my mom some homework.

It added just that little oomph to the outfit, i love it SO MUCH even though its a bit buttonless. =]

Happy Weekend Folks!

Wedding Coverage (In Photos)

This is the wedding day of 2 of your beatiful friends - Sean and Megan (Made for Each Other!). Isn't her dress gorgeous? and her hair? and all the other details. I loved everything about their wedding, it was perfect. She looked calm and collected. The ceremony was short and sweet, and I learned SO MUCH since it was my first american wedding I attended.

The dress #3 is what I chose to wear. To my surprise, Ryan matched his tie to my outfit. Cute right? Thanks to everyone's suggestions! I really appreciated it :)

Another Gorgeous Couple - Dave and Amy

Another Gorgeous Couple - WAIT! J/K They are single and ready to mingle!

These are the shoes I wore for the day - classic black pumps

Such pure emotion as the brides walks down the aisle withe her father!

Isn't her dress Gorgeous? (I think I said Gorgeous 6 times in this post, including this last time)

Gorgeous is the word of the day.

Have you attended any weddings this summer? What did you wear?

Lunchin' and Munchin'

Happy Wednesday folks!! Thank you so much for everyone's feedback to help me out on what to wear to a Summer wedding. I wore one outfit (will post about it and the wedding coverage later this week). I was comfortable and wasn't overdressed or underdressed :)

Day before yesteday, I wore my recently thrifted patterned skirt. I have seen many versions of this outfit on many blogs and so I decided to wear it today and got alot of compliments.

Top: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Zellers
Skirt - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - Ardene's

Love the crochet detail on this coral top

this is my colorful salad lunch today - I recently read somewhere to eat vegetables keeping colors of a rainbow in mind. this is pretty close, isnt it?

Are you loving patterned skirt this summer? How do you wear them?