19. I have picked the wedding colors


I had heard before that accessories are powerful. Well the above outfit #19 really shows that, doesn't it? I found this teal thrifted belt for $1.00 and I had the necklace bought a couple of months ago. 

Teal is definitely one of my favourite colors to wear. And for that reason, Teal, white and gold will be the color theme for my wedding next year!!

Polka-dots are a must in my books. I love it, such a versatile pattern. I have worn it 3 or 4 times already. Come to think of it, there are certain items I haven't worn yet like my maxi dress. There are also some pieces I have only worn once. Hopefully I will style them more in the next 10 or so outfits.

Thankyou for stopping by guys!! Have a great day! :)

Tell me your outfit stories where you think accessories have played a huge role?


  1. Indeed, the accessories are a very good addition!


  2. I love the teal and polka dot combination, so pretty. Teal is always a great accessory  colour

  3. I'm not huge on accessorizing.  I'm really working on it.  But I do have a little black dress that is just taken to another level by the addition of a silver sequined belt.

    That turquoise belt is such a great addition to this outfit.  

  4. Love the outfit.  I have to say belts really enhance outfits!  And for $1.00 how can you go wrong?  Teal is also a great pop color.  Now I want a teal belt!

  5. Nice choice.  Your are going to have a beautiful wedding.


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