Inspiration Outfit: Coral Love

Inspiration photo:
Occasion: Work and date night
Shirt: Old Navy, $18
Shorts: Gap, $35 (recent)
Shoes: Zellers/Target, $40
Watch: Gift
Earrings: Forever 21
Purse: SEARS, $60

I am really excited to share something new I will doing from now on.. I will try to post outfits 5 times a week (they will be a mix of casual and work outfits) and they will be inspired from a real life celebrity, or a photo I saw somewhere of nature that inspired me, could be paint colors or jewellery or just colors around me. Whatever it is, I will present my version from the insipiration with you. Hope you enjoyed today's outfit. Coral and white speaks Summer to me, the outfit is super comfy yet stylish and I wore it on Friday for work and date night afterwards :)

Do you enjoy wearing white and coral? You can send me your inspiration photos if you would like me to recreate some looks for you. You can do so at:


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me!! I like being inspired by all sorts of things too. 
    The color shirt is a great color on you:)

  2. We all love coral, you look lovely!

  3. I love that combo and the detailing on the shirt you're wearing underneath is great. (:

  4. Thanks Sarah! I would love to take credit but the shirt and the vest is just one-piece :)

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