16. Bend it Like Beckam

I cant believe I am at #16 already, I have almost been blogging everyday and loving every minute of it. You know what I was thinking, taking my whole closet and remixing and not going shopping for 6 months. Sounds a bit extreme, but bec I am enjoying 30X30 this time around, maybe I will just extend it. Am I sounding dramatic??

My lovely ring.

Polka dots under a colored shirt worked pretty good, with army pants it gives me a boho feel I dont know, but it does.

Does it look like I am about to burst into a Bollywood Dance? Its because I was.

You know my last trip to V.V., I picked up some cute goodies: A pink fitted blazer, my FIRST tube top (It should be interesting to see if it will stay on bec my mangoes ain't big! - has anyone watched "Bend It like Beckam" I love that movie!) and a cute blue striped shirt.

These are NOT part of the challenge, so I didnt actually cheat.

15. Holy-e Skirt

Well I go to get ready this morning only to realize my favourite Grey skirt had a big hole in it (who knows when this happened) then last minute, I threw on this printed thrifted skirt. So I guess now I have swapped this skirt in instead of the grey one I had originally put in.

I quite like how this outfit turned out. I am loving mustard for this season. I have already worn this shirt many times as shown below!

psssssst........My friend Janis over at Dress Me Dearly is doing a fab contest - make sure you head over and enter.

Which colors/trends are you loving this summer?

14. I won the Hair challenge!!

Guys, I have major hair problems and by major i mean - hair falling in tremendous amounts, very dry hair. So two months ago I decided to go all natural and took on a self-imposed hair challenge - do not use hot tools for 2 months. But this morning, my hair wasnt behaving so we straightened it. I think I kinda deserved it. You guys need to give healthy hair tips?

Tonight after work R and I went to R's parents to discuss details about the wedding here in Canada (I will do a post about that on the weekend). I am actually excited about the wedding here NOW, weird right? I cant believe it..I mean I was just mourning few days ago! Anywho I am not complaining anymore and moving the heck on..

Thank you all new and current readers for stopping by and let me know what you think of my outfit. Bec i literally took outfit # 11 and switched things up to make this outfit. Freak I feel good for putting it together!

xo Nav

RECAP: 8-13

Outfit 8,9,10

Outfit 11,12,13

I like doing these recaps - kinda shows me what I have worn already and which pieces have potential to be remix more

Guys, I dont know about you but i am so proud of myself for taking risks in this challenge. Outfit # 8 and 9 are my favourite. Because i would have never thought to combine blue and green together like I did in #8 and # 9 because i mixed prints for the first time in MY LIFE.

What are your favourites?

13. To Cheat or not to Cheat?

This is what I wore on casual Friday to work and see a friend over coffee after work.

The blazer I fell in LOVE with when i visited Value Village 50% day sale. yeah you guessed it..it is also $2.50 like the red cropped one in this post

Love love love the white piping around the jacket.

And now for the main question: To cheat or not to cheat?

because it is Value Village 50% sale again today and I am *suppossed* to be on a shopping ban for the 30X30 mix!

You guys help me decide:

Is it really cheating if I get some goodies from the sales today BUT wont put in the 30X30 mix and not use it for the challenge? Let me know your thoughts below :)

12. Fun with Bestie + Color Blocking

Here is my outfit #12. This is also my color-blocking outfit - white and blue. You like?

Bhums, I am so glad you are home! =D

Isn't she gorgeous!? - check out her awesome outfit.

Bhums with my mom, and me with Bhums mom - <3

We all went out for dinner and wished our other besties were around too (Sarah and Shabs) but one was working and the other out of town. We had so much fun! We had many reasons to celebrate - Belated Mothers day for both moms, bhumi graduating from medical school, me getting promoted... it was amazing time...we talked and laughed and since bhums is done her medical studies, she was telling us some funny and sad stories from her patients. Congratulations Dr. Bhojak, you make us all so proud! :D

11. Wedding Decision

Happy Weekend!  Remember my last post about wedding decisions, well I cried atleast for a week EVERYDAY that things weren't going as I had planned them in my mind. I was mourning basically.

Well 2 days ago, I decided to stop crying because Ryan had started feeling bad that because of him we can not have wedding in India, which is total B/S.

And the biggest reason why I was crying was that my grandparents wouldn't be able to attend the wedding in Canada. My mom confided me that her and dad are trying really hard to get grandparents to come here. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY :D I am really close to my family. I would want my grandparents to put their hands on our head on the wedding day and bless us!

So, the decision has been made. Wedding will be in Canada and once we are married, we will visit INDIA and have a welcome party there for Ryan's family because his family really want to visit my family and go sightseeing. The date has been moved too from Feb 2012 to May 2012. I think I would still go to India to get all the jewellery and East-Indian bridal stuff.

To have the wedding here is a COMPROMISE for me but I know my friends here (my girlfriends are my sisters) and with family that will be able to make it, it will still be a special and happy day, surrounded my well wishers. AND most of all, I will be with the love of my LIFE and my parents are happy and so much support from friends and bloggy world, I can't ask for anything more.

God bless, everything should go well :)

I want to involve you guys in both wedding preperations (East-Indian and Canadian). Let me know in the comments below how should I start my 'Wedding Series?' Is there anything that interests you?

10. Favourite Summer Dress

Yesterday in Edmonton wass sunny with a little bit breeze - like perfect weather. Did you spot my red nose in the picture? I had the allergies on in full -swing. I will be better tomorrow because I bought Nedi-bottle to clear out my sinus congestions. That thing, really works!

I heart this dress over ALL other dresses. AND This RED cropped jacket you see here is $2.50!!!! Folks, can it get better then that?!? I don't think so! Remember that post about me visiting Value Village 50% off sale, this is one of the things I picked up and totally adore!

Do you love thrifting?

9. P & P - Print and.........

I have owned this skirt for 6 years now and since printed skirts are in, I had to put it in my mix.

With all the rain we had, the roses are blooming like no one's business. So I "stopped and smelled the roses"

a quick twirl

Thanks again for stopping by guys, let me know how the challenge is so far for you. I am loving it! Are you?

8. Color Me Blue

Firstly, you might notice few things:
  • NEW Blog layout - I am in love, are you? I love blue and only the shade of blue that you can see on the blog. Yeah my room is that color too. I am a blue fanatic.

  • All thanks to the lady at http://a-chesterfield.blogspot.com/ Thank you Shy! AND I have a NEW BUTTON now! Yeah I am happy :) There are a few more things to fix..I am on it (as we speak).

  • I also edited reactions at the end of the post to: Like it or Love it? The outfit I mean. and when I post photos of me and my financee, please hit Love it! :D

  • My bestie came home for a MONTH yesterday so I just couldnt blog! I visited her, we chatted, had yummy food and did each other's makeup like little girls. I couldn't quite the "winged eyeliner" properly on her. AND Lavendar goes beautifully with brown eyes, I learned yesterday.
Food we had! - YUMMY

Now onto the outfit!

Today's outfit that is not pink, weird right? i love this blue and green combo. What do you think?

No this is not what I wore today - this is from yesterday! Today was beautiful and Sunny out - which I love and missed for the past 4-5 days when clouds took over the sun.

Thanks for coming by and commenting! Have a great day!


Here is the RECAP for the 1-7 looks! I am surprised at how much pink I have been wearing! and pink is not my color yet I find myself gravitating towards it in the challenge.

I am looking forward to some nice sunny weather next week and I am so excited to wear dresses, skirts again :)

My fav looks would be #1, 5,6. What about you??