Few Updates You Don't Wanna Miss...

Hi Guys, havent posted in a few days. It feels so weird to not be active on the blog. There is a reason. I have moved to our new house! (WOHOO!!) except there is no internet for the next week. I am posting from work right now (don't judge - I am on my coffee break). So I had so many posts lined up (Weekend in pictures, new house before and after photos, outfit posts etc.) and now we would have to wait till internet is up again. AND Thats when the excitement begins!

I will leave you with one of my latest pictures with two of my bridesmaids and it is on the new house's deck.

I am also preparing full-on for an enagement party coming up and booking, Dj, Catering, hair and makeup and OH I picked the dress I will be wearing, I will try to post a sneek peek tomorrow. Thanks guys for stopping by and I will see ya in a few! =]


  1. You look so gorgeous in pink and turquoise.  Wow. 

  2. Congratulations on all fronts!!! I love houses with decks!

  3. Just came across your blog. I like your style.. its simple yet colourful and chic.. Also you are a very genuine writer.. Makes reading your blog all the more fun! :)


  4. From where I see, your life looks really happening to me... an upcoming wedding, new house and loads of style! Following you to keep in touch with all the wedding preparations :)

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and for the wonderful words. I will be more than happy to see you on my friend list. Keep visiting! Thanks.


  5. Ohhh congratulations!!! For everything hehe :)!!!

    Looking forward to more pics!! These outfits are great! So colorful!!

    Saludos :)

  6. Hi, congrats for moving to your new house :) I was wondering where I could get pretty punjabi dress like you wore in the picture. It is sooo PRETTY!!! Im going to attend a lunch gathering and ladies are encouraged to wear indian traditional outfit. I want to buy one indian traditional outfit...a nice one though...

  7. Sounds exciting, Nav! :) Cannot wait to see you in dress! This is a cool, btw! :)
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