Weekend in Pictures

Weekend kicked off with birthday wishes and presents!! I will style the presents in the near future ;)

What I wore to Navratri on sat night: not mine, borrowed from bestie! thanks B!

Mom's outfit of the night - saree from her wedding...25 years old stuff!!

and us - at a navratri show! Isnt B Gorgeous?!

And then I got the chance to attend bridal show on sunday! - lovely show!

Future Reading material

How pretty is this one you guys?

you can tell by my expression - i loved the colorful bouquet!

AND this is what I wore - comfortable yet i like the pop of color!

I took so many pictures you guys, I will do another post - bridal show part 2! So stay tuned! Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

<3 You all!


  1. What fun, and you look just beautiful in your saree, as does your mother!

    Liesl :)

  2. You look sooooooo gorgeous at the Navatri show! Love, love, love. Looks like a really fun weekend with birthday fun and a wedding show too! I'm excited to learn more about your wedding planning. Yay. :)


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