TIPPY TUESDAYS #14 - How to Style Cardigans

I love wearing cardigans! I hope you get some ideas from this remixing! I belt it, i tuck it in to wear a skirt, I button it up with a scarf, i pair it with patterns and colors. Ah the bliss of colored cardi's!!

Hope you enjoyed the series! xo Nav


  1. Love all your cardi-combos! I want to eventually add more cardigans to my closet (but not until AFTER my shopping ban!)

    xo Teresa

  2. I'm convinced cardigans are the best thing ever! I own so many, I've been called the cardigan queen lol...love all of your looks!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  3. I loove cardigans, short, long, knit, bright!! You have a fantastic collection of them

  4. I love cardigans also! You have some wonderful bright ones- they go so perfectly with what you wear- I sometimes struggle to pair brightly coloured cardies with bold items under it- it's usually just boring black, white or brown underneath!

  5. Hello love! Your blog is super adorbs:}
    ThankYou for the lovely comment of my blog. Yes, I would love to to be blogger friends:}
    I'll follow

    Love, Sarah

  6. My wardrobe would be so empty without cardigans... I love how colorful all of yours are. (:


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