Pre-Wedding GLOW!

I am in love with this tunic, my friend B. gave it to me. I love the print, the cute sleeves and long length (can be paired with leggings too!). She gave it to me 2 months ago but only now I got a chance to wear it. Paired it with skinny jeans and boots, easiest things to wear during fall and winter months! Luckily, we have been feeling nice weather for October! (lets not jinx it now! LOL)

Some one at work commented that I have a pre-wedding glow on my face! Like really? I thought that is the only reason you put mustard paste on your face the night before the wedding so the bride glows on her wedding day. I guess, I wont be needing any mustard. But jokes apart you guys, I cant tell you how genuinely happy me and my fiancee feel. We are at a point now where we didn't think we could get to.! Our families here and back home, our friends, cousins, grandparents - everyone is sooooooooo excited to come together in Feb 2012 for the wedding. God bless, my heart knows how blessed I feel and am so grateful to see beautiful smiles on everyone's faces. My dad dances randomnly around the house bec he can't wait to marry his daughter soon in 3.5 months!

The truth is: I cant wait to become a wifey to my wonderful husband-to-be! I cant wait to live with him! :D

XO Nav


  1. How sweet! I adore this post and just love you to pieces! Im so happy for your and your right-around-the-corner wedding.

    Love the tunic also, so so cute with the skinny jeans and boots.

    xo Teresa

  2. You look so pretty and happy. I love this outfit! xx

  3. You honestly do look like you are glowing :) Super cute outfit, love the printed top!

  4. You do look like you are glowing and you look so happy! Love this whole outfit :)

  5. This outfit is so fun and cheerful. I love that all of your wedding plans are falling in to place just as you were hoping. I love that you are glowing. I love that your dad has been randomly dancing around the house. So happy for you!

  6. Oh that's so lovely Nav! I'm sure you will be wonderfully happy and I am very excited on your behalf!

  7. Love the pairing of that blouse and tunic, looks very lovely on you ;)

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  8. Such pretty colors! Love it! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  9. I'm so happy for your upcoming wedding! How exciting! You will have to share all of your plans with us!
    thanks for linking up to the Trending link. I'll be posting a new one in the next day or so.
    BTW mustard paste? what is that?


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