Shopping: Behind the Scenes

A few weeks back, I was in H&M and went window shopping. Little that I know, I would end up trying a few items on. While I was on there, I thought of taking pictures and show you what I tried and what I actually bought. If you are like me, I ususally try alot of things but try to only buy the ones I think are worth the money or I can see myself wearing the item over and over again.

I tried a bright orange cardigan, 2 dark blue capes, a lace top, a blazer and a tunic. Enjoy!

I liked the color but not the fit - didn't get it even though it was $14 only.

Navy blue cape - loved it , is so comfortable.

cropped navy blue lace top -

long tunic - looked better in hangers lol

another cape - quality wasn't amazing on this one.

I tried on 7 things, left the store with 3. I like to take pictures of myself with each item on (totally gonna do it in future too), taking a picture and seeing yourself wearing the product helped me decide what to purchase and what not to. Can't believe , I didnt think of doing this before.

What strategy do you use when going shopping to make sure you don't overbuy?


  1. I love both of those capes!!! What a great idea to take pictures of the things - that would sure help to see what it actually looks like since I can't trust those store mirrors! Lol! I love your berry pencil skirt too in the last post!! :)

  2. I cant wait to see the items you purchased integrated into new outfits :) I love shopping for that reason alone... the creation of new outfit possibilities.

    My shopping strategy is cash! HAHA, I only take in what I will allow myself to spend and then I can only purchase items that I can afford... now I am recently guilty of allowing Express to call to retrieve my account number a time or two. But overall... its pure budgeting.

    As far as how things look... If I am on the fence and can afford it at the time, I purchase and then try it on again at home with my items to see if it has potential (sometimes the lighting and mirrors in fitting rooms is just so so bad!)... if not, then the item goes back.

    xo Teresa

  3. I love the color of the yellow tunic but really really love the navy blue cape! So pretty on you. My shopping strategy is thrifting.. lol!

  4. I really like that cape! I'd definitely go for that. In terms of not overbuying, er- not very good at this one. 1) is it machine washable? 2) is it versatile? 3) do I love it? 4) Is it a natural breathable fabric 4) can I get away with buying it without my boyfriend seeing? 5) go shopping when I don't feel like it!


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