Men's Clothing Inspiration

Jeans, Belt & Vest: Thrifted, Shirt: H&M, Necklace: Ricki's (old), Heels: ALDO

I quite like how this look turned out, actually! Today at work I had an off-site meeting where I could wear business casual. This was such a comfortable outfit. Red belt as in the pop of color was so necessary. I wore my flared jeans with some heels and tried to balance out rest of the body with some tight fitted tunic with a grey vest and long necklaces.

Sounds simple and you can do it too. How? by getting inspired. came across this photo! and thought if he can pull it off, so can I.


  1. You pulled the look off, with a feminine twist, quite well and I am loving how you are sporting a vest...super cute on you!

    Liesl :)

  2. Very chic formal look. I love the pop of color in the belt.

  3. I just loved the way you added red color in to your grays and blues

  4. Your style is really cool.

    thanks for sharing!!

  5. Women of the 20th century are very versatile when it comes to dressing up themselves. They can wear men's clothing at the same time look feminine and feel comfortable in it.


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