The Mustard shirt....Returns!

 This mustard shirt is earning such a bang for my buck! I love wearing this color - it is so vibrant and happy :) Isn't it funny how some colors just cheer you up - for me its blue, teal, mustard, purple. I wore my H&M *itchy* blazer, although the suede collar makes it less itchy.

We went for dinner right after work, so there was no going home, although I would have loved to wear a scarf with this look.

The pictures are taken after Mr. Fiancee and I had our date night last night - I missed not seeing him all last week, not to mention his awesome photography skills and his nice camera. Have you noticed the crappy photos I post lately? I am now thinking of investing in a tripod and a nicer camera. Any thoughts?

And my fav fall Purple jacket!
Hope you have a great Friday and Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. This blazer is the perfect fall piece! Oh, and that purple coat is beautiful! Have a nice weekend :)


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