Give me camera, MR. Tripod I can do much better!

Nap Time - you like the outfit though right?

Trying to peek at the neighbours with eyes closed- except I cant open the blinds

How can one possibly smile with strong winds?

Don't ask! 40% of my shots are like this.

I can talk and walk at the same time!

Awe Mr. Fiancee looks so cute!

I have a stomach ache - can you tell>?

I am tired and please dont take my picture right now.

Laughing but not really?!

Let me explain the shot!

I hope you enjoyed outtakes - like I did! In such busy lives, who doesnt need some humour here and there?

Your welcome! Have an awesome thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha :D you look so cute in these!

  2. Love this! It's great that you can spread some humor out there! Have a wonderful weekend :)


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