Feminine meets Edgy

Pants: GAP, Scarf: Costablanca, Sweater: Thrifted, Military Jacket: Urban Behavior

Military jackets are so versatile!

I feel like a dressed up valentine in this outfit (uuuum Nav, Valentine's day is in 4 months!?). Thats the thought that crossed my mind when i spotted this beauty pink sweater screaming my name at the local thrift store. Mind you I went there to hunt for red skinnies, instead I came home with a valentine comfy comfy (wool and cashmere blend!). I am such a planner, aren't I? now, dont be surprised if i repeat this same outfit on valentine's day!

I just kept it pretty neutral elsewhere with a military jacket- although i think this outfit for me is feminine meets edgy cross breed type of outfit. (as if outfits breed?!).


  1. Love the roses on that scarf! So very pretty.

  2. the sweater nd d scarf look really cutee !! : )



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