Halloween treat

This is my halloween treat, SMARITES! I love them, I didnt dress up this year but ate alot of candy. I tried not to have too many, but I did. You know what I heard on the news that candies that come in smaller pkgs, people are more likely to eat more of them versus having way less if the candy was in a bigger packaging. Interesting, no? I agree with it, I am guilty! I have done it.

Anywho, moving to the outfit. I am in love with this outfit. I just love how color coordinated it is. My last post on how many cardi's I have, I almost thought I am crazy for collecting so many. But reading from your comments, I fugred I am not the only one. I love my new Steve Maddy boots (I have a feeling I am gonna wear these boots lots, not only are they warm, but also go with alot of things!)

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What is your favourite Halloween Candy?


  1. Love the bright yellow cardigan on you! The whole outfit is fabulous

  2. Hi, I found your blog on the Cotton and Curls refashion nation and I love it!
    Hope your having a good day =)

  3. You are so cute! You look great in yellow, and I like your new boots! :)

  4. Such a cute outfit! And I love that cardigan. Plus those boots are amazing!!

  5. Cute boots! Love the cardigan, too. My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. I hate a whole bag of it on Halloween!

  6. We are mustard cardi twins today...love it!!

  7. Love your cardigan and boots! Oh and my favourite candy.... mini chocolate bars! Kit Kat, Crispy Crunch, caramilk, oh henry... yummmmmm ;)
    xo, allie

  8. this is such a lovely cardigan - the colour is great!!


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