13. To Cheat or not to Cheat?

This is what I wore on casual Friday to work and see a friend over coffee after work.

The blazer I fell in LOVE with when i visited Value Village 50% day sale. yeah you guessed it..it is also $2.50 like the red cropped one in this post

Love love love the white piping around the jacket.

And now for the main question: To cheat or not to cheat?

because it is Value Village 50% sale again today and I am *suppossed* to be on a shopping ban for the 30X30 mix!

You guys help me decide:

Is it really cheating if I get some goodies from the sales today BUT wont put in the 30X30 mix and not use it for the challenge? Let me know your thoughts below :)


  1. I've bought a couple of things that were deals I couldn't pass up.  I bought a blazer at Gap because it was 40% off and a classic I know I'll wear forever, and a Ralph Lauren dress that was $11 on consignment.  I also bought some funky 70s shoes that I knew wouldn't be around at the end of the challenge.
    One thing is that since I knew I was cheating, it made me be a lot more careful about  my choices.  

  2. cheat!  just a little. 

    love the blazer and your shoes too!


  3. I love your bold uses of colour in this outfit.

    I'd say cheat!! 

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  4. i can't tell you whether to cheat or not, but i can agree that the piping on that jacket is fantastic--such a great find!

  5. even kendi said you don't have to follow the rules so stringently. so if you find something you love, and especially if it's $2.50...i say go for it! love the blazer, by the way!

  6. Love that blazer! Best deal I've seen thrifting!

    Following your blog! Would love for you to follow me too! :)

    Along Abbey Road

  7. I'd cheat! ;P
    Great outfit, especially the color combination!
    Love your scarf!

  8. I think the rule is, if it's $2.50 it doesn't count.

  9. Lydia, your comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD like in the middle of working at the office. thanks for the funny comment!


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