Receipe - Indian Chai and secret ingredients

Happy Weekend everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. In one of my past weekend posts a lovely reader asked how we make Indian Chai. So what a better way to launch the cooking series with a Chai post. It is one of my most favourite things to have ALL THE TIME.. This recipe is for 2 people. And cut or double the ingredients if it is for less or more people than 2. Well without further ado, here it is.

First the things you need:

1 Cup of Water

    2. Red Rose Orange Pekoe Teabag (you can use any brand name Black Tea), 2 table spoons of Sugar (forgot to include picture of it) - 2 spoons because the receipe is for 2 people.
    3. A teabag and 2 pieces of green cardomom (Note: Green Cardamom or black cardamom would do, this is the SECRET INGREDIENT! - this is what makes it yummy - trust me!)
    4. 1 cup of Milk (You can sue 1% or 2%, skim - we use 2%)
     5. A teacup strainer - ususally can be found in wal-mart or any east-indian stores
    Ok, next get a pan and put 1 cup of water in, with the teabag and crack open the cardamoms when putting in the mix. Let it boil for 1 minute.
     Set aside 1 cup of milk using the same cup that we used before:
    Then add the milk to the mix.
    Now, I let it come to boil - takes about 4-5 minutes on high heat
    This is what it looks like when it is coming to boil - be careful to take it off of gas as it started boiling - otherwise it will spill everywhere
    Then use the strainer to take extra ingredients out and take the chai
    This is the final product, now enjoy! :)
    Now, wasn't that easy?
    Let me know your thoughts below :) Do you have any other requests? I am accepting requests and will post the next receipe accordingly.

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