Summer Day

Top: Thrifted
Pants: BR
Cardigan: Suzy Sheir
Heels: Payless

Check out the RIDE!

This is what the photographer does when I take a pee break

and then we do his outfit pictures!

I am blessed with this cutie in my life - thank you for taking my wonderful pics everyday!

Aside from the sappy talks, I want to mentioned my new thrifted tank.  

Outfit Analysis:
What worked: I always wear white top with these brown pants, so decided to do something different this time and wear it with this colorful tank. I also hadn't worn in this darling pink cardigan in a LONG TIME. I think it goes well with the ensemble!

What didn't: The pants are a wee bit long on me - I should have worn high heels or I should get them hemmed! They make me look short.

I am excited to be taking part in Kendi's 30X30 Challenge starting on June 13! Are you? I feel nervous and excited! Let me know below if you plan to - so I can stalk you throughout the month and get inspiration :)

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