Here's the Deal

 1-red cropped blazer (thrifted) , 2-floral cardi (H &M), 3-pink cardi (Suzy Shier), 4-Green Cardi (RICKI's), 5- Navy blazer (thrifted)

1-Brown Pants (BR), 2 - Black pants (GAP), 3 -Khaki capri (JACOB),4-Tan shorts -RICKI's

1- Black Dress (Wal-mart), 2- Florals (Old Navy), 3-Maxi Dress (F21), 4- Dress (Wal-mart)

1-White skirt (Thrifted), 2 - Green printed skirt (F21), Grey Skirt (GAP)

1- Wide-Legged Jeans(Thrifted), 2-Skinny Jeans (India)

1-Purple ruffle (Sears), 2 -Polka-dot (F21), 3 -Pink (F21), 4-printed blouse (Thrifted), 5-Teal showed in picture but swapped for a bright blue top (GAP), 6-Black (Wal-Mart), 7-Mustard full-sleeve (F21)

1-Black Tall Boots (BAY), 2-Tan sandals (ALDO), 3-Florals - Ardene, 4-black sandals -ALDO,             5-Copper Heels - Payless

  • thrifted items
  • I wish I could put more shoes in the pile
  • Lots of colors in the mix because thats how I like to dress.
  • Had to put more office related items than casual since I work 5 days a week
  • I fear I won't have enough tops to wear
  • Its tricky to put summer items or winter clothes in the 30X30 - because lets face it - in my city- the weather fluctuates up and down from day-to-day! Plus my office is cold most of the time. So hopeffuly cardigans and jackets would be enough?
  • I didn't include a white t-shirt /blouse or a black skirt - like the classic pieces - this should keep it interesting. (haha - Nervous laugh)
  • Last of all, I am so excited to take part in this challenge!
What do you think of my picks? Are you taking part in the challenge? Its my first time going for the whole challenge. I am nervous but more excited! Wish me luck! :)

Hope you will follow along! :)

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