2. How do you eat grapes with a fork

So today for lunch, I had a home-made salad with you know the usual greens, low fat dressing and I decided to add some GRAPES in! Well wat the heck, I just couldn't eat my salad properly because i couldn't get a hold on the grapes with my fork. Their round shape combined with the dressing - they just kept slipping from the fork and rolling and rolling........and some ended up all over the floor.

Too bad they come in round shape, only if they were cubed or squared, we could have our salad in peace :P (Looking back at it, I could have cut the grapes in half or use a spoon - clearly I was having a BRAIN FART!)

Not that i want to go on about this silly grapes salad story - moving on the outfit.

Yesterday was beautiful out = skirt outfit. Today its rainy and windy and cold (Told you in my 30X30 post - weather here never stays the same) = Pants outfit. So I wore my brown BR pants with black top + pink cardi + kitten heels and my mom's scarf. I wanted to steal it from her for quite some time and today was my chance. I think it brings the outfit together!

Who enjoyed the new background?

I picked up THIS BOOK to read bec I LOVE her music and now I get to read about her life story! Have you read the book or plan to??

Thanks for stopping by and please comment on what you liked/disliked about the outfit? :)

Love, Love, love :)

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