I got Promoted!!!!!!!!!! :D

I have a really good news to share! Remember a few weeks ago I posted about my Interview outfit. Well I had to wait a really long time to hear back and it was hard - I was second guessing myself and thought why didnt I do better? and after all that, I find out..........DRUM ROLL pls?!?!........I got the job! :)

And now I am the Multicultural Liasion for my local city here. This is the coolest job, you guys! The coolest job. New job with new responsibilities, great exposure, a chance to make a difference in the local community - I jsut cant wait!

I am sure I will keep blogging - bec i love doing it! So stop worrying!

I am going to share Indian Chai receipe with you all this weekend coming up :) Also, T.G.I.F!

XO Nav

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