15. Holy-e Skirt

Well I go to get ready this morning only to realize my favourite Grey skirt had a big hole in it (who knows when this happened) then last minute, I threw on this printed thrifted skirt. So I guess now I have swapped this skirt in instead of the grey one I had originally put in.

I quite like how this outfit turned out. I am loving mustard for this season. I have already worn this shirt many times as shown below!

psssssst........My friend Janis over at Dress Me Dearly is doing a fab contest - make sure you head over and enter.

Which colors/trends are you loving this summer?


  1. This color suits you beautifully.  I wish I could pull off mustard.  It is such a cheerful color.

  2. Love this outfit.  And definitely love mustard on you.  You've been working it into your outfits beautifully!

  3. Thank you hun! :)

  4. Sunduri, you should try buying this color in a tank top and wear it under a neutral cardigan for a start. trust I was overwhelm with this color before too! good luck! xo


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