TIPPY TUESDAYS #10 - Fake the look of beauty sleep

Happy Tuesdays folks!

I mean there are several benefits to sleeping proper hours but you know sometimes life comes between and we don't get good sleep - the following some simple tips will help you look put-together and look more revived. So here we go:

  1. Put on a bright colored top/dress/jacket to put some life and energy to your face :) Its funny how all of us look nicer in different colors so try it out. 

2. If you are not really in the mood for colors, you can always put on a chunky color beaded necklace (The Bigger the better) on a black/white neutral top. If not necklace, put on earrings - like vibrant colors or the crystals studs - kinda like people put on nice jewellery when they are going out somwhere - it makes you feel special and It will make you look a little put together! :)

  1. Also think about wearing your hair up in a bun/pony tail/messy bun - whichever way you like. It kind of forces people to notice your features and look up in the eye. Once your hair is up and done, its done! You know its tempted to let hair down and cover the face with bangs and such. But if you really pull the hair back you will feel more awake.
  2. Try putting nice colorful flower pins or headbands in hair - it feels all girl-ish and put together in no effort really!
  1. Concealer is so important. I think for most people its in their everyday routine. I use Maybelline Dream Mousse, try to put it all the way up to your lashes. Trust me, if you cover to the top area where the lashes kinda start- it will look nicer and I learned this trick from a magazine. Dont just cover where its dark, go to the very top! You will look polished if you do that. (Check out My Most Used Products post to check out what other products I use in my morning routine)
  2. Use the lightest colored eye shadow all over the lid. Try to stay away from the dark/deeper shades. Use masacara and curl those lashes - makes your eyes look awake.
  3. Try using white eye-liner on the lower waterline. If white is too much, try peachy shade or beige color - will cover up all the redness
  4. This one is my favourite - put on blush on those cheeks - i love coral blush from ELF. I use it almost everyday. It contributes to the glow on your face. You can use the red, pink hues types, whatever you like :)
  5. Lipgloss does wonders toogain, I am not trying to say don't get as much sleep or look these are the alternatives to sleep. Because I think sleep is really important but I know sometimes even when I do have great sleep, I don't look well-rested you know.  These were just some of the ways to perk yourself up and on your way to have a better day.

What is your tip for looking awake for days - when you haven't rested well but still look put together? 

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