11. Wedding Decision

Happy Weekend!  Remember my last post about wedding decisions, well I cried atleast for a week EVERYDAY that things weren't going as I had planned them in my mind. I was mourning basically.

Well 2 days ago, I decided to stop crying because Ryan had started feeling bad that because of him we can not have wedding in India, which is total B/S.

And the biggest reason why I was crying was that my grandparents wouldn't be able to attend the wedding in Canada. My mom confided me that her and dad are trying really hard to get grandparents to come here. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY :D I am really close to my family. I would want my grandparents to put their hands on our head on the wedding day and bless us!

So, the decision has been made. Wedding will be in Canada and once we are married, we will visit INDIA and have a welcome party there for Ryan's family because his family really want to visit my family and go sightseeing. The date has been moved too from Feb 2012 to May 2012. I think I would still go to India to get all the jewellery and East-Indian bridal stuff.

To have the wedding here is a COMPROMISE for me but I know my friends here (my girlfriends are my sisters) and with family that will be able to make it, it will still be a special and happy day, surrounded my well wishers. AND most of all, I will be with the love of my LIFE and my parents are happy and so much support from friends and bloggy world, I can't ask for anything more.

God bless, everything should go well :)

I want to involve you guys in both wedding preperations (East-Indian and Canadian). Let me know in the comments below how should I start my 'Wedding Series?' Is there anything that interests you?


  1. The most important thing to do when planning your wedding is to have fun.  It doesn't matter so much if your wedding day is picture perfect or has a few minor disasters... when the day comes, if you and your honey are glowing and happy, your guests will be glowing and happy!  And yes, you are going into all of this having to compromise on what you imagined... but I'm positive it will still be a spectacular event... and at the end of it, you're GOING TO BE MARRIED!

  2. You should definitely start a wedding blog serious (I would read it :)). I love inter cultural weddings.  They are always so much fun.  I went to one recently, and everyone had a splendid time.

  3. Glad to hear that you've come to a resolution on the wedding issue! Looking forward to reading all about your experiences planning the wedding:)

  4. What a pretty dress!  Love the colors!  Good to hear you've found a compromise with regards to your wedding.  As you said, at least your friends and family will be there, and hopefully your grandparents as well!  :D  


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