5. Lilac Necklace

 Hello everyone, I really REALLY appreciate everyone well wishes on my last post. I poured my heart out and I am glad I did it, bec it made me feel better in the moment. So thank you all. I truely believe that wishes make a big difference. So THANK YOU.

I took the day off to volunteer half day and the other day to just chat with R about the future. We decided to go by the lake and sit down and chat. And we chatted for atleast 3-4 hours. I cried and he told me not to think negative thoughts (that was atleast the first hour and then we had lunch and went for a long walk)

 The weather had started clearing up and the sun was shining so Ryan said we should do your outfit photos, so ofcourse that cheers me up INSTANTLY.

I love these sandals.

and this guy and his flowers :)

AND THEN he gets me this necklace - and I was like "is it mine?" He said I dont know so I opened the box and found this beauty inside. I am happy - atleast for now :)

Thanks guys for stopping by and hope you have a fantastic day. I might be just ok now but I know with this guy, I would come out strong. I LOVE all my readers, thank you for supporting me with your words and visiting me everyday!

xo Nav

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