Yellow Gold It Is.....

We arrived at the mall first thing on saturday (before the mall was even open - we were eager to start) and we had 4 planned visits to different stores. I wore the bright yellow top with some jeans - nice, comfortable shopping outfit.

Looking at rings - and waiting for the stores to open

I have NEVER been in a mall - where shops are closed. It felt weird being so early, but we got LOTS accomplished shopping all DAY.

3 top contenders today - one thing is decided I am going with yellow gold, we were thinking of getting a ring (not too fancy) for now and then upgrade later! But then I kinda feel like engagement ring is his gift to me, I shouldn't be thinking about upgrading his gifts.

What did you guys do? Did you buy fancy ring at first and kept the same ring or did you buy first and upgraded later?

Would love for you to help me out! I value your suggestions :)


  1. Oh my goodness that ring is gorgeous!! Congrats on your engagement :)

    Notes She Wrote

  2. I actually never had an engagement ring - just our wedding bands, so I'm pretty unhelpful! But that is an amazing ring...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. First thanks for visiting my blog, thanks it means a lot to me.  On the rings I am not married or engaged, havent found the right man, but all my 3 sister and 1 brother are.  They all started off with small rings and just upgrade every couple of years.  I personally like white gold for engagement rings but yellow is a classic!

  4. whoa!! beautiful rings for sure!! lucky you!  I know that excited "shopping for rings" feeling!! the bright yellow top is awesome on you too!! I cant wear yellow but love it on others :) have a super weekend.. fingers crossed for SUN :) xoxo J

  5. Such a cute shopping outfit!
    Oh, and you seem to be having so much fun ring shopping.  I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what ring is the winner!

    I have been engaged/married twice (long story which I will share one day.)  Both proposals were a complete surprise.  I never went ring shopping!  But both gentleman did an amazing job and managed to figure out exactly what I would love.  I happened to hit the jackpot and get rings that I felt were absolutely perfect.  However, I had already decided in my mind long before that it didn't matter what the ring looked like when the man of my dreams proposed.  It only mattered that it was chosen with love and with me in mind.  No upgrading and no trading.  I'm too sentimental.

    However... I do know several girls who have upgraded by trading up or adding to their original ring.  I think it is fine if both the husband and wife want to do it together. 


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