Buttonless Cardigan

Mustarf - Thrifted
Florals - Forever XXI
Flats: Spring
Pants: Costa Blanca - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted

I wanted a mustard cardigan for FOREVER. I asked the universe for it (silly I know) and I walk into my local thrift store and it was sitting.there.for.me. It was calling my name, i tried it on and it was good fit, no holes, no stains and $3.99. Can ya go wrong? Except I did. It didn't have two buttons, now I am on a hunt for 2 mustard color buttons and giving my mom some homework.

It added just that little oomph to the outfit, i love it SO MUCH even though its a bit buttonless. =]

Happy Weekend Folks!


  1. Very cute and the yellow looks wonderful on you!  I love wearing little sweaters and cardigans open and just hanging like that!  Great find too...love the price!

    Liesl :)

  2. This is so cute, and a great score, even without the buttons.

    Now, have your mom show you how to sew them on.  It's so easy!

  3. I say switch out all the buttons to something fun.  Like a black and white polka button or something sassy like pink.  Cute outfit!!

  4. wow what a genious idea! Thanks!!


  5. The yellow with the floral print is really cute!

  6. You look so adorable.  And your cardigan gives your outfit a great pop with that floral top. I love my mustard cardi! I'm going to have to try mustard and gray. Try putting all new buttons instead of looking for matching buttons. Metallic maybe?

  7. Wow you guys are full of amazing ideas!! thanks Keely :)

  8. LOVE that sweater!! It looks super cute on you!

  9. The colors are absolutely gorgeous on you.  Way to go!


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