The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.~ William Penn

I saw this post last night at Helen's blog about "Weekly Gratitude" and I am choosing it to do it on the blog today. Because someone just reminded me to add up my blessings instead of my troubles. SIGH.

So here we go: (atleast I can try hard to write some - its always hard to come up with positive things when you are in a negative mood? Does that ever happen to you?)

So here we go - >>>>> I am greatful for:

  • A New house (that comes with a new deck to take pictures on), my new big room. I am greatful that my family could afford a newer bigger house.
  • Greatful for a loving family who is doing everything for my happiness and ignoring the rest of the drama
  • A loving Fiancee to be. He is wonderful. I wuv you.
  • Great close friends who are doing unlimited things to make the engagement party happen...Thank you guys!
  • Ability to have food, a roof over my head, a job I love, clothes, ability to buy what I want, healthy body and mind - Oh how I take you for granted.
  • Greatful to have amazing readers who read my fashion posts, life posts, rants (Thanks guys!) and who come back to read it day after day.
  • Grateful to own a car and be able to drive =)
  • Its been 6 years since Ryan and I have been together, and FINALLY in 2 weeks, we will be engaged. THIS IS SO AWESOME.
  • Our families get along and have a good time without any of the politics. That is the # 1 reason I did not want to marry into the community. You not only marry the guy but the politics of the extended family that comes with it. I grew up with it and didn't want the same for my future life.
  • Ryan's family appreciates our culture, our values and oh so calm and collected when we are explaining things to them even though it is all foreign to them
  • I love seeing my dad's smiling face when Ryan speaks in punjabi with him (native Language - from Punjab, India).
  • We have a wedding date! YAHOO! =)
This is a GOOD exercise to gain back a positive prespective. I feel better. Thanks to Helen's blog again to send me some inspiration. God bless. I will be back on outfit posts starting tomo!!

Now some pics I love: ENJOY! :)

Good times! :D

Bridesmaids posin on the new deck

Dance Group

I have soft spot for kids, esp the ones live in a vulnerable setting (Aren't they just adorable?!)

Thank you for stopping by guys, hope this gave you a chance and inspiration to count your blessings too if something is troubling you :)

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  1. It sounds like you're in a wonderful place in life right now. It is great to read that you seem so happy! Here's to the next awesome six years for you two.

  2. That's the best attitude to have towards life!!! Love the happy smiling pictures here! :) 
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