Wedding Coverage (In Photos)

This is the wedding day of 2 of your beatiful friends - Sean and Megan (Made for Each Other!). Isn't her dress gorgeous? and her hair? and all the other details. I loved everything about their wedding, it was perfect. She looked calm and collected. The ceremony was short and sweet, and I learned SO MUCH since it was my first american wedding I attended.

The dress #3 is what I chose to wear. To my surprise, Ryan matched his tie to my outfit. Cute right? Thanks to everyone's suggestions! I really appreciated it :)

Another Gorgeous Couple - Dave and Amy

Another Gorgeous Couple - WAIT! J/K They are single and ready to mingle!

These are the shoes I wore for the day - classic black pumps

Such pure emotion as the brides walks down the aisle withe her father!

Isn't her dress Gorgeous? (I think I said Gorgeous 6 times in this post, including this last time)

Gorgeous is the word of the day.

Have you attended any weddings this summer? What did you wear?


  1. Love the dress you chose to wear...great colors!  Pretty wedding!

    Liesl :)

  2. You and Ryan look gorgeous together! (there.. one more gorgeous!) And pretty dress.. looks perfect for the occasion!

  3. you look lovely.. you and Ryan make a GORGEOUS couple!! :D : )


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